E3 2008 Wanted, the game wrote: "After playing Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk, which both took suckatude to previously unimaginable heights, what little faith I had in movie tie-in games died. You push a game to be released at the same time as a movie and you get garbage. Which is why the recent announcement by developer GRIN is so special. Rather than give us yet another game that only a blind mother could love, GRIN is working on a Wanted movie tie-in game that, obviously, will NOT be limited by a film release window. Considering how wicked the comic book and the film were (storyline and acting notwithstanding), I would definitely be interested in this title.

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crimsonfox3771d ago

movie a little more then hulk and ironman but imma go tonight at midnight to see batman maybe that will take the cake?...

but at the end of this movie i was wondering why there wasn't a game it's a top cow comic so like the darkness they could make a game hopefully its good though id play it

staub913771d ago


Will it have Angelina Jolie's arse...Maybe then I will rent it.

LevDog3771d ago

The Movie Blew.. One of the worse movies I ever seen.. Game will follow suit