Star Wars Mega Bundle for PSP and PS Vita Isn't What It Seems

Although advertised on the PS Vita storefront as including six games, only one of them can be directly downloaded through the PS Vita. PSP games requiring a PS3 is not new, advertising them on PlayStation Store when on the Vita is.

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RosweeSon1268d ago

I've got Star Wars battlefront elite squadron on my vita must have been when they flipped the switch and allowed all PsOne classics on vita hence why I've got metal gear special ops as well but for some reason they turned it off and certain classics and I guess psp games can't be downloaded directly bit stupid but yeah definitely just downloaded Star Wars straight to my vita.

fironic75671268d ago

How were you able to get elite squadron?

KryptoniteTail1268d ago

Crappy deal anyway. Old ass and mostly crappy games don't sell for $40. Several of those recently went for just a couple bucks apiece but in this "bundle" they're over $6. LOL nope.

hkgamer1268d ago

dont care about the price talk, but the vita and not being able to download specific titles is getting stupid, especially if you dont own a ps3. cant remember if you can use pc or not. its also stupid why you cant download stuff on ps4 for the vita.

the store should contain warnings.

anyway for the people who has purchased this game and doesnt have a ps3 to download it. then go to sony customer service and complain. they probably will credit you back the money and even give you the game(s) for free. could be different for us, but uk customer service has been pretty good to me.

Xof1268d ago

Rather than warnings, you simply should not be able to purchase content you're unable to play. IE, if you don't have a PSN account tied to a PS4, you can't buy PS4 games, etc., etc.

gokuking1267d ago

They've fixed it now. You can download all of the games on Vita through the Download List.

zdkapl1267d ago

Just updated the article on Gamer Thoughts. I can not update the N4G post though.