Project CARS PS4 gameplay: Racing into the night at Imola

VVV: "Continuing our 60fps coverage of the near final build of Project CARS on PS4, Alan gets behind the wheel of an LMP2 for a race around Imola with the time sped up, resulting in a day/night transition that shows off Project CARS' incredible lighting effects to full effect."

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pwnsause_returns1366d ago

Imola, one of the most dangerous tracks of the 90s.... Tell me if the old tamburelo corner is in the game?

Kleptic1365d ago

haven't heard...but the variant shown in the video does not have it...its chicane'd inwards like it has been since late 1994...

jhoward5851365d ago

Project CARS for the PS4 look amazing.

Man, when are we going to get a new Burnout game.

PersonMan1365d ago

Screen tearing turns me off.

Bathyj1365d ago

I'd be more excited for this if I could use my G25.

g-nome1365d ago

Track details and textures not too great in that video , suppose they had to compromise to get 60FPS.

MasterCornholio1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

Yep that's the way it is with all games.

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