Gametrailers: Killzone 2 - E3 2008: Producer Interview

"In-depth information on the story, graphics engine, and multiplayer."

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jamilion3772d ago

This is a "Game of the Year" type game, and most likely FPS of the year!

I_killed_TheMart3772d ago

If you LOVE killzone 2 instead of giving me a HELL YEAH...give me some bubbles. lol

zapass3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

KZ2 owns!

AngryBot3772d ago

this game will be UNSTOPPABLE.

Holy smokes.

Microsoft_Spokesman3772d ago

Bubbles for you and everybody!!!!!

Voozi3772d ago

Had a couple new things in this interview that I personally didn't know about in the interview, such as stats being updated and going to the KZ website, as well as multiplayer having squads and such.

Hopefully this game doesn't disappoint after all these years of development, looking forward to it and I'd be bummed if it turned out to be mediocre.

supahbad3772d ago

0% chance of that happening

DFresh3772d ago

The only thing I wonder is...
Will there be lean and peak in multiplayer as far as the 1st person shooter goes?

Overr8ed3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

yea. it does have lean and peek in Mulitplayer

Dzpool3772d ago

will people actually use the lean and peak in multiplayer the action in fps is usually to fast paced for you loose sight of everything for a minute it works slightly in games where you go third person because you can see people coming but in the demo they showed it looked like something that would primarily get used in the campaign

Overr8ed3772d ago

played Mulitplayer for a year now! this has to be good.

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The story is too old to be commented.