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For playing through The Last of Us: Remastered Edition, the main story and campaign of the game itself was really interesting from the adventure stand-point as every player that is behind the character of Joel and Ellie are most of the time never alone in the survival scenarios since there is always help around the corner from AI co-op partners.

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ASimmons4511267d ago

Kenpachi, everything you reported has been fixed.

medman1266d ago

Have you heard of "better late than never"? Well, in this case, the author should have just stuck with never. This review isn't simply late to the party, it shows up when all the partygoers are long since deceased.

ironcrow23861266d ago

oh my freaking god are you serious??? not only has this review come out nearly a year after release but enough is enough is enough....this game is nowhere near as great as people have made it out to be and to be quite honest its nothing but a freaking yawn fest