Hatred – Responsibility in Freedom of Speech

With the current explosion of “Black Lives Matter,” accompanied by the Baltimore and Ferguson riots; it is very clear that now is the time to speak up and take fair advantage of your First Amendment rights.

Exercising those same rights is Destructive Creators, who have single-handedly produced one of the most controversial video games of all time — Hatred. With this current spread of controversy surrounding the exercise of Freedom of Speech, one can’t help but wonder… how far is too far?

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rbailey1358d ago

This was an extremely well done and thought provoking piece. I'm not quite sure if I will play Hatred but I agree 100% with you on the fact this game was possibly made to counteract those who continue to say all video games are violent. In theory, movies and TV shows are just as violent and therefore I think it is the job of the parents to properly educate their kids and determine what's appropriate for them to watch. They will of course be subjected to things outside of the household but again the parents are the ones who need to properly explain these topics to prepare their kids for any and everything they might see in the world.

ArchangelMike1358d ago

I actually don't believe that this game is being made because the devs want to raise the issue of freedom of expression or freedom of speech. I think they are making this game as a way to be sensationalist.

I agree witht he author of the article. Small time dev, wants to get noticed, wants to get 'hits', so what do they do? Make an ultra violent game! Grab those sensationalist headlines. Heck if you can make primetime TV all the better as you get a wider audience. I bet they would love for a Jack Thompson to take the game to the Supreme Court to get even more media attention - after all it worked for Grand Theft Auto right?!

The difference is, Grand Theft Auto is a very well crafted game, that has alot to say about American culture, and is satirical at its heart. More importantly the sole point of the game is not to murder innocent civilians, you are never forced to kill random innocent civilians. But if and when you do kill innocents, there is a penalty to pay in the form of Police action.

Hatred on the other hand seems to exist for no other reason than - becasue it can.