Free Star Wars PS4 Theme and More Released on the PlayStation Store: Screenshots Inside

If you love Star Wars, a free PS4 theme has been published for Star Wars: The Digital Movie Collection, that was recently released. On top of that, a few more themes by third parties have also been made available.

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PANDAB1360d ago

Sony, please allow us to place our own pictures as backgrounds. Some of these "themes" are just terrible.

Gwiz1360d ago

I have a feeling that's not going to happen,i wish i could use my purchased ones from the PS3.It's in my download list and tied to my PSN account so prohibiting that makes no sense other than them wanting me to buy new ones.

MyDietEqualsGames1360d ago

The PS3 and 4 have different architectures. I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to port them over, but it will require a focus that just doesn't seem to be there for Sony, atm.

Here's to hoping they port some over because some of those PS3 themes are fantastic.

Personally I want them to add more features to PS4 than worry about themes. Don't you?

deadpoolio3161359d ago

Really cause every time the 360 had a dashboard update for years it instantly made any theme purchased useless, and they never had good free themes....So its not something new

AutoCad1360d ago

Ya i hate the ones with the annying sounds..
I think custom themes has the same chance as them letting us change our names on psn. 0%

KwietStorm1360d ago

But we have custom themes on PS3. We've never been able to change our name, although you can make whatever name you want on PS4. So why would custom themes have the same zero percent chance as changing our PSN name? It's entirely possible that they will make their way to PS4, just how other features are slowly but surely transitioning over.

Kidmyst1359d ago

I'd love that or a screen shot I took

Germany71360d ago

Star Wars it's always great, i will download the theme and can't wait...for the movie.

fei-hung1360d ago

I was hoping it would be a better quality image and make star wars sounds as you navigate the xmb

Vitalogy1360d ago

Agreed. It feels like a 640x480 image upscaled to 1080p -.-'

Dlacy13g1360d ago

Holy crap...the NHL is trying to charge $2.99 for a Blue Jackets theme?

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The story is too old to be commented.