Konami Shows Off New Castlevania Titles

"The only details we got on Order of Ecclesia were in trailer form, showing off a hero whipping and slashing hordes of skeletons, zombies, and Frankenstein's Monster. This looks to be a complete return to traditional Castlevania, with side-scrolling monster hunting galore.

More time was spent on Castlevania Judgment, a Wii exclusive that you aren't supposed to call a fighter. The producers are terming the title a "3D versus action" game, which basically means you can fight in all dimensions. Considering there are two characters onscreen replete with health bars, a timer, and special attack meters, this one has all the earmarks of a fighter. But hey, six of one, half-a-dozen of the other."

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kewlkat0073840d ago

The last real one I played was curse of darkness on the Xbox, and them 3-D games have yet to capture me like your DS games and Symphony of The Night.(such sweet music that game)

When will we see a 2-D/3-D Castlevania on Next-gen?

likeaboss3023840d ago

I've been wondering the same thing. Heck I'd even take a next gen Castlevania in the style of Dracula X on the PSP. Just make it more like SOTN and in 1080P! :)

cr33ping_death3840d ago

thats what i keep telling them....but alas my typing goes unread by konami :( i hope someday they strike gold with a next gen castle....

kewlkat0073840d ago

maybe 1000% complete castle with Achievements/trophy's/ tons of Secrets and hidden passages/fake walls....

Keep trying "cr33ping_death ", keep trying..I'm sure there is a petition online...

Well look what I found, were not alone

sumfood4u3840d ago

Not one that i Brought Dissapointed me! Please bring out Soma Cruz into this game! Hes the Best in my opinion!

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