E3: Nintendo "Hoping People Can Manage" with SD Cards

In an interview conducted shortly after Nintendo's E3 Press Conference, Nintendo's VP of Marketing and Sales, Cammie Dunaway, was asked about the possibility of a hard drive for the Nintendo Wii. Dunaway replied, in part:

"Well we're just hoping people can continue to manage right now using SD cards, deleting games that they're not playing."

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Adamalicious3747d ago

Dear Nintendo Lady,

That's super lame.


Elimin83747d ago

I tried to give you 12 agrees but it won't let me......

SmokingMonkey3747d ago

first they didn't want to do discs
now they don't want to do Hard Drives?

Panthers3747d ago

They are against progression and dont want to use new technology to push the limits of gaming forward.

Not to mention how much they didnt want to do online. It was all about connectivity with them. Connect your GB with your GC and do stupid crap on FF Crystal Chronicles.

N4g_null3747d ago

@Panthers yeah they are against tech that's why they are using Sram for their main ram right and the fastest made also, yeap faster than GDDR. They are just cheap because most gamers are cheap ask MS and SONY they are proof. The N64 was around $400 and it sold like poop in a bag. Carts where hella expensive to every one even developers and they wanted to keep using them because they had a plan. You see as the chips shrink these cart will keep getting cheaper and cheaper. Thats why ram dropped so low 8 gigs of the good stuff was $300 last time I checked and 2gigs use to cost $1400 I know cost that's what I paid for it back in 2000.

I mean really if it was up to nintendo we might have 64DD disk with terabytes and An SNES in every controller with a Quad Boardway with water cooled in the console but hey we don't hardcores and developers jumped ship. They had good reasons too carts cost too much just look at neo geo carts hell those games just started shipping on hard drives LOL. To tell you the truth nintendo wanted carts because they could put extra stuff in them like FX chips and what not. I mean if carts where still around the way nintendo wanted them to be we might have phyics Processors in them also. Yep games would cost a mint but the system would be cheap. Modular systems are the way to go tech wise some thing new is always coming out. Nintendo is always sticking tech in crazy places and getting cool results. That's smart because only intel and the GPU maker are allowed to play the number crunching game.
SONY had no idea what they where getting into... these chips are way beyond making a format for movies.

What is funny is solid state is going to become the next big thing and we are going right back to carts watch or 3d storage.

But yeah nintendo is bad and stupid I agree I'm even surprise they are still around!

Smacktard3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

Her statement (we're hoping people can just continue to manage right now using SD cards) sounds very promising. By the way she phrased it, it sounds like they really are trying to work on a solution. One that's really needed. However, it could just be her stupid way of not addressing a question well. Like other parts of that interview. She totally dodged the first-party DS game question. Also, Professor Layton was the first game she ever finished? Why the hell is she in charge of marketing? Don't you have to know your product if you're trying to sell it?

Also, the message directed to disappointed hardcore fans... sigh. They could've at LEAST mentioned a little bit about Pikmin 3, the new Mario and Zelda titles, the Conduit, Kid Icarus, Captain Rainbow... something. ANYTHING.

N4g_null3747d ago

I think she is in charge of keep nintendo's nose clean so the public does not kill them for having hardcore games on the system also. That's the only reason why I can say she is there. I mean had she been there before manhunt would have stayed a none issue because it would have not been shown. Every one was happy they showed it but no one bought it LOL.

It's like people that want you to get drunk with them and still treat you like your lame LOL. She is there to take the beer out of mario mouth and put him to bed. I don't like her but she is necessary. American and UK moms are rough and it takes a special brain to understand them. I'd rather get my hardcore news underground anyway I hate all the penis gobbling. Pictures and facts less opinions! That's news to me.

BlackIceJoe3747d ago

I am not sure if I am the only one but I really do not like Cammie Dunaway. Seeing how she acted in the press conference was funny and immature. Also Just because I can redownload the games again does not make it easy. I see a lot of VC and Wiiware games I would like to download. But I have not bought them because it is a pain to have to redownload them if I want to play them. Plus I already used up a lot of the internal Memory of the Wii. So it makes it even harder for me to go and download a game. It would be another story though if Nintendo would allow me to play games off of a SD memory card or the Wii could use a Hard Drive.

Smacktard3747d ago

I don't like Cammie either. The conference was ridiculous. She acted extremely immature and fake. It seems to me that she couldn't care less about anything Nintendo as long as she does her job and gets paid.

N4g_null3747d ago

I got a 4 gig SD card and all my games are stored on my PC, i'll be burning a disk soon enough also. This is until they make a USB storage solution. I heard the USB hack is slow then I thought they where using USB 1.0 but no it's 2.0 some one must have bad drivers. They need to do some thing though and I think they will. It would be crazy to see ID tech 5 trying to run on this system all they need is a fast storage system and it would be here. I hope they go for firewire next console at least! It would be nice if the had a loading list so you could leave while it was uploading.

Product3747d ago

Hmmm "manage right now" sounds alittle like somehting is coming imo.Although it is nintendo so doubt it.

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