Nintendo Needs To Stop Trying To Make The Ultimate Zelda

NE: "The upcoming Zelda is going to be unbelievably huge. The sheer size of the world and map Nintendo has shown is simply enormous. Of course, this is a dream come true; I think most of us fans have wanted an insanely massive Zelda title still filled with that classic gameplay and style ever since we played Ocarina of Time, or even when we saw the manual for the original Legend of Zelda. Now that we have a more powerful console in the Wii U, Nintendo is finally ready to unleash Zelda’s full potential and attempt to deliver what we have always wished.

The thing is, Nintendo has tried this before."

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magiciandude1321d ago

It's going to be successful, so I'd say they should just keep trying.

3-4-51320d ago

* Game was going to potentially be really good.

While making that, they discovered something to make it even better.

While putting that thing into the game, they then discovered another something that would make the game better.

At that point they decided to delay until 2016.

You don't just delay for fun.

They obviously feel strongly enough about it and feel it's worth delaying so I would assume that whatever they are putting into the game could only add to the experience.

* They are then taking what was going to be a really good or great game, and making even better.

^ Anybody who thinks that is a bad thing is either not as smart as they think they are or they are trying to mislead you for clicks.

pivotplease1315d ago

I think this and Uncharted 4 are going to be generation-defining games. The track records add up and the delays only confirm their commitment to making us the perfect games.

Dunban671321d ago

I feel sure some Zelda games are delayed primarily for strategic/business reasons as much as they are due to needing more time.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

okay Nintendo make one copy of Zelda wii u bootleg for this author to review
so this author can be satisfied

IrisHeart1321d ago

If this thing ever comes out...

swice1316d ago

We haven't even passed the original planned release date, and you're already complaining about it not releasing fast enough?

swice1311d ago

That's why I said "original date"

NoctisPendragon1321d ago

Do like FF XV take feedbacks and make the best game out of it.

wonderfulmonkeyman1321d ago

I can see it all now...

Aonuma: "Hey, let's open a content ballot for Zelda Wii U! It'll give us lots of great ideas!"

Ten minutes into the ballot, the majority of entries look like this:
"Give us voice acting! There's no way history will repeat itself! We promise we won't complain about it! Its 2015 Nintendo!"

"Remake it so its in modern times! We want Zelda with guns and gritty dark graphics, because we want it to be Mature!"

"Make Link a girl! Oh, but keep Ganon a guy because he's the bad guy!"

"Make it multiplat! I don't wanna get a Wii U for this, I want it on a REAL console!"

Aonuma: "... Yeah, let's just keep on going as we were."

remixx1161321d ago

Honestly I don't have a problem with link being a girl but all the other things you said should NEVER happen....

BosSSyndrome1320d ago

I still think there should be voice acting.

cpayne931320d ago

I can see it now...

A zelda title set in the fallout universe with a return from all the characters and voice actors in the cdi games. Except link is now a girl... but with the same voice actor.

I would play it.

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