Metal Gear Solid without Hideo Kojima isn’t Metal Gear Solid

First it was Twin Peaks without David Lynch, now it’s Metal Gear Solid without Hideo Kojima. Konami say they’ll continue the series without the veteran developer, who recently left the company under mysterious circumstances. But Hideo Kojima IS Metal Gear Solid, and without him it’ll be a shadow of its former self.

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DarkOcelet1322d ago

Kojima is MGS. Nuff said!

Kingthrash3601322d ago

Agreed. MGS5 will be my last.

Bansai1322d ago

While I understand this sentiment, I will wait till an actual MGS without Kojima releases before I post such articles/comments.

2pacalypsenow1322d ago


Metal gear rising ...

Dirtnapstor1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

If Konami wants to keep face, they'll release the MGS ip to Kojima. It's obvious nothing really been disclosed to the public about Konami. I think Kojima stepped away, separated himself from a new problem rising.

_-EDMIX-_1322d ago

@Bansai- oh...oh I'm am just so sorry for you.

Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Banjo Nuts and Bolts etc.

I'm sorry but we have many, many examples of IPs done without the original directors or team and they haven't just been amazing titles...

I would say there is a HUGE, HUGE possibility of MGS being a garbage series after Hideo leaves. He is just too great of a director that really can't be replaced or matched.

mikeslemonade1322d ago

MGS hasn't been MGS since MGS3. Even with Kojima they haven't put out A-tier quality game since MGS3.

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ion6661322d ago

Support the team who created MGS5. After that konami can crawl under a rock. All those I.P.'s they dont use hopefully will get sold to other companies who love the art and characters. Bury konami!

deadpoolio3161322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

What don't you mental midgets that keep crying about burying Konami get...Konami isn't going ANYWHERE, they make boat loads of money off of everything else they do that they really dont have to make another game ever again and they will be perfectly fine....

Just out of spite with you people they could literally sit on their IPs and do nothing with them and still not go out of business....Gaming is not the only thing they do, and gaming is the thing they make the least amount of money from

TeamLeaptrade1322d ago

Wasn't Kojima going to step down eventually and let a new team take over? I'm sure he would have picked a great team to look after his baby. Of course now, with all of this, I doubt Konami will let him have any say what MGS does in the future.

DarkOcelet1322d ago

They couldnt handle MGS so Kojima went back and made it.

NovusTerminus1322d ago

I'll wait and see how the next Metal Gear turns out.

Truth be told, I'm glad he is leaving Konami, as much as I love MGS, and wanted Silent Hills, I would like to see him get a new I.P going.

hkgamer1322d ago

even with kojima around i kind of wanted and didnt want another mgs game. but without kojima i just dont want another at this moment in time. maybe in a few years i would like that idea.

kojima however deserves to make any game he wants to and not be forced by company or money to make so ething he doesnt 100% want to make. i really wished that kojima owned the series so he will have the say to what happens with it.

Ryan7411322d ago

So Star Wars without Lucas is not Star Wars? Kojima created Metal Gear, does not mean it has to end with him. Perhaps it would be in better hands with someone who can tell a semi coherent story.

DarkOcelet1322d ago

At least Kojima didnt go Ape $hit and created a character called Jar Jar Binks.

Every single MGS title of his are a masterpieces.

The same cant be said about Star Wars.

Anorexorcist1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

Well isn't Raiden kind of the "Jar Jar" of MGS?

Snookies121322d ago

@Anorexorcist - I think the issue people took with Raiden was that he was taking the place of Solid Snake. Everyone wanted to play as Solid in MGS2. They were disappointed having to take over as someone new, which resulted in him taking a lot of flak.

ion6661322d ago

Revengence was kinda bad-ass.

kingdomtriggers1322d ago

It is more than semi coherent. Git gud.

Snookies121322d ago

The story is coherent... Gotta pay attention to things man. There's a lot going on, so it can be a little overwhelming. When you get it though, it's really good. This is one of those series where anyone else trying to make a story out of this universe besides Kojima would just fall flat.

2pacalypsenow1322d ago

Ooo call of duty fan alert

Allsystemgamer1322d ago

The story is actually very coherent. You just need to pay attention. It's called complexity.

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hkgamer1322d ago

it certainly wont feel the same, but i guess it depends who will be making this game. if most of the development team stays then i guess they are capable of carrying on this series without too much of a dip in quality. portable ops was pretty fun, had lots of great ideas, kojima wasnt too involved and it kinda paved the way for peace walker. acid series and ghost babel was also great without kojima involvement.

on the other hand we had metal gear 2 snakes revenge on the NES.

witht hat all said, i probably wont buy another mgs game after phantom pain

F0XHOUND1322d ago

MGS will never be the same. However, Kojima can now finally use his genius on something new. He's said for years he wants this, konami won't let metal gear die... so let's hope they at least debt ruin it from here on!

Either Sony funds Kojima to work on exclusives he has full control over, or he starts his own studio and we see something multi plat that just might be as awesome as metal gear.

Btw, I know Microsoft are financially more able to fund over Sony... but I just can't see Kojima teaming up with them... just doesn't feel like it'd happen. I'd bet he'll form his own multi plat studio.

hkgamer1322d ago

i really dont want kojima to make an xbone exclusive, dont feel like buying an xbone yet.

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