Splash Damage's lead designer celebrates original Gears of War, Gears of War Anniversary confirmed?

Splash Damage’s Neil Alphonso tweeted from his personal account an appreciation about the original Gears of War.

Lead designer’s tweet was sent on April 26, the day after Gears of War Remastered leak came out on Polygon, and was later cancelled. Could this be a further confirm that the rumor is indeed true?

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DarkOcelet1268d ago

Gears 1 was pretty epic yes but i would be disappointed if they Remaster it only. Why not remaster the whole trilogy just like Halo MCC?

And put the Gears IV beta in it. That will sell like hot cakes.

hello121268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

Its more likely a remake than a remaster?

Gears 1 updated to 1080p and 60frames would be awesome however visually it not going to look next gen i don't think?

Microsoft could release it for free if they wanted and that would generate interest in the x box 1.

[email protected] Gears 1 on PC is 8 years old. I can play Gears 1 on my PC at 1080p 60 frames already. A remaster is not going to change the visuals all that much and i have my doubts people will pay 60 dollars for it anyway.

Two things could happen.

It will be free for people who own an x box 1 and have xblive, and lets be honest its a possibility, like Microsoft is giving away another old Halo game for free.

It will not cost more than 20 dollars to buy i think? If its a remaster this will be the case must likely.

I disagree we don't know exactly when Microsoft pushed for a remake or remaster of Gears it may have only happened recently? Gears 1 or whatever it is is been beta tested they failed to do that with MCC

MCC campaigns worked flawlessly at launch, the issues are online and from what i hear most of it is fixed. The tournament was cancelled recently because players were unable to join parties and that may not be an issue with the game, but the network server or peoples internet connections.

Transistor1268d ago

From what I've heard it's a remaster with extra features like Halo Anniversary, not a remake.

Transistor1268d ago

"Why not remaster the whole trilogy just like Halo MCC?"

The MCC was just cancelled from a tournament because it still doesn't work properly 200 days later. In fact Splash Damage were the ones who developed the patch for the March Update, not 343i.

And Splash Damage is indeed developing the Gears Anniversary, they were the developers of Brink.

DarkOcelet1268d ago

I think i am in the minority here when i say i care about Gears campaign so much more than i do the MP.

The MP is awesome yeah, but the selling point to me is the campaign.

But i get your point, then hopefully when they release it, they sort out the MP before launch. They cant screw up this game.

Automatic791268d ago

Why do we get articles with no real substance.

Legion211268d ago

Because there's just rumors and speculation about the gears projects. People are trying to connect the dots.

TeamLeaptrade1268d ago

I think it's the best route to go, that is to remaster the whole trilogy. Including the Gears IV beta would be a big thing too.

I just think it'll sell better if they put all three in one nice and pretty package.

Legion211268d ago

Don't think they have the time to do that before Black Tusk's games launches.

Legion211268d ago

Well halo 1 was remastered before the mcc came out. And halo 3 & 4 received more of an upscale in the mcc. They want to get gears out on the Xbox one before the new one comes out and don't have enough time to remaster the whole trilogy.

700p1268d ago

Im happy with just a gears of war remaster. And a gears of war beta.

thelwebb1001268d ago

Well Gears 2 and 3 still look great so they don't need to be remade.

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christocolus1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

This pretty much confirms it. I loved Gears of War 1 a lot got hooked after seeing the mad world trailer. I hope SD isn't just going to do the mormal remastering. I hope they really improve the graphics,cutscenes&framera te with UE 4 then lastly they need to include all the best features from 2 and 3(mp).

DarkOcelet1268d ago

If they Remaster only Gears 1 then what they should simply do is ...

Use UE4 to improve the graphics and framerate
Add Gears 3 MP elements to the game.
Add Gears 2 MP maps
Add Gears IV beta and hopefully a campaign demo and i want it to be dark as hell just like Gears 1.

christocolus1268d ago

That's exactly what i want to see them do with this game.if they are going to give us just one game then they really need to make it amazing.

Deadlead1268d ago

Yep that'd be perfect, but I'm still hoping for the collection MCC style.

gangsta_red1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

I like Gears one, but I liked 3 more, especially the maps and the extra modes it brought.

Re-mastering part one is like taking a step backwards in my humble opinion. A collection would have been much more appreciated.

I know some on here love the SP, but for me and a lot of people I know the MP is where Gears really stood out and part 3 was the pinnacle of greatness when it came to the MP.

ScorpiusX1268d ago

Please keep confined to system , also sweet bring it

WeAreLegion1268d ago

I really hope it's not just the first game. I like it, but I liked 2 and 3 much more.

Eldyraen1268d ago

Main thing I liked about 2/3 myself was simply more Gears and lack of Active snipe downing in competitive.

The darker tone from One gave way to more of an Action emphasis where even say some of the darker aspects felt forced in 2 on (Bromance sacrifice and other deaths--they worked but not on same level if it was approached more like an almost horror/suspense that I enjoyed often from the original). I still enjoyed it but for an almost different reason and thought pacing and atmosphere was just better in the original (for most part--other games had some great moments but liked original overall beyond a few mechanic refinements).

Judgement on the other hand was practically its own thing imo as I liked it but not nearly as much as others all around. Still fun but some subtle and not so subtle changes made it feel like a cashgrab version that I could had lived without. It was just Gears enough but not actually Gears enough, if you know what I mean.

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