Petition to Continue the Development of Silent Hills, with Kojima and Del Toro

Fans started a petition asking Kojima Productions to continue with development of Silent Hills, with both Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro on board.

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DarkOcelet1272d ago

As if it will make any difference :(

But i will sign it anyway.

breakpad1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Damn with that Kojima firing thing...from the moment i learned Konami may fire Kojima i lost generally my interest for Metal Gear and Silent Hills

Syntax-Error1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Then you're soft or corny because NO MAN I have never met would make me not want to purchase a game I have anticipated for 7 years. Kojima is just a developer...PERIOD. He has 1 successful franchise under his belt yet you feel compelled to want to suck him off and boycott a publisher after THEIR falling out. You know NOTHING about the reason for the separation yet you take sides because you like metal gear. Which is ironic since you're NOT going to buy it because they parted ways even though HE is still involved with the game. [email protected]

Bobby Kotex1271d ago

@Syntax-Error lol you're the nerd for equating manliness with purchasing a video game.

pinkcrocodile751271d ago

I have never like either game to be honest, just because I'm not interested is what goes on in Japan all that much.

I'd sign a petition, however I would not stipulate who makes it. It increases the changes of it being made.

For those who care about this, I'd suggest as much.

Gatsu1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Yeah :(...but I'll sign it too.

killacal131271d ago

You are not real the real Guts,
OT, Without Kojima konami is just nami, lol

JoeMcCallister1271d ago

I wonder if anyone could really get that IP from Konami - if a monster like EA or Activision notice how much press a cancel got, they might be able to make literal dumptrucks of money. Probably not, but I will remain hopeful.

Joe9131271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

It would be easier for EA or someone to just hire Kojima and Del Toro and have them make the game with same actor and change the name. They wont have to pay Konami crap Konami just owns the name. Not like they can't get together and make a horror game with a different name.

Conzul1271d ago

See if they were smart THAT'S what the petition should be for.

-Lawless-1271d ago

I'd rather Silent HIlls be dead than for Activision or EA to get their hands on it. Game hasn't been the same since Team Silent left, but at least I never felt like the other games where made just for the sake of milking the franchise.

Ch1d0r11271d ago

Lol so true, people trying to make a difference from the comfort of their living room. Best way is to speak with your wallet or maybe just do a little strike @ konami headquarters.

turdburgler10801271d ago

It's not even called Kojima productions anymore. They renamed it Konami productions. Maybe we will get a new contra out of this. It's about time Konami did something with that series.

_-EDMIX-_1271d ago

Very pointless, I'd rather folks sign for the IP to be sold lol.

Under Konami that game won't get all the funding or attention it needs. Its best to just let it go until someone buys the IP as I don't see Konami in gaming much longer.

1271d ago
sanosukegtr1231271d ago

We should all sign it. I guess they don't care about money.

My_Outer_Heaven1271d ago

This won't do shit like most petitions on that site.

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Hellsvacancy1271d ago

Petitions are pointless are they? they've worked in the past

DoomeDx1271d ago

Oh when?

Please dont say ''GTA 5'' because that game was planned anyways. The petition didnt change that.

micx1271d ago


Well, there was this recent petition for removing paid mods from Steam, and they removed them after the uproar.
It wasn't just because of the petition, but the petition helped as well.

Hellsvacancy1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

DoomeDx er Dark Souls PC petition to name one

Let's also have a look and see what other petitions have made a difference, although they maybe not gaming related they're still petitions just like this one yep, petitions don't do anything

I doubt this petition will make any difference but there's no harm in trying

rawrock1271d ago

Yeah I remember a petition that got NBC to make a season 2 of the show Jericho. People mailed box after box of peanuts to NBC because it had a meaning in the show...

gangsta_red1271d ago

But have petitions ever gotten a big company to re-hire someone they fired and make a huge budget game with a big name Hollywood director?

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PCGamingNoobs1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Not as much as your comment...

DevilOgreFish1272d ago

IP owned by konami, kojima can make a horror game it just won't be silent hills.

GameSpawn1271d ago

Considering Konami's position on things as of late I don't think that they will think twice to someone (Sony perhaps) offering to buy the IP rights.

Hell, Kojima could buy the rights out of spite. I'm pretty sure he has one hell of severance package from Konami that he could use to weasel something out of them.

It would be great if this was all one elaborate publicity stunt, but no sane person or company would let anything go on this long or this far just for a publicity stunt; not even Mr. Tiger Blood would have gone this far.

DVAcme1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Konami's retirement from the New York Stock Exchange does not make this seem like a stunt. That move will lose them a LOT of investors. Konami's in deep water and they know it, and all just for being vindictive and unappreciative of the ONE guy they still have that can make them any money.

As for the petition, I don't know about making Silent Hills, cause right now Kojima is persona non grata at Konami, but he COULD just start from scratch with new assets as a new IP with still Guillermo del Toro and Norman Reedus on board and Konami could do jack and shit about it. Hell, Sony would totally jump on that bandwagon, considering they picked up Keiichiro Toyama after he left Konami to make the Siren series.

jznrpg1271d ago

@DVAcma actually delisting from NYSE is a cost saving move, and only 0.5% of shares traded were on the NYSE. It costs 5-6 million or so to be listed on it each year, and you can still purchase stock as ADR shares just like you can Sony.

Smoking_Barrels1271d ago

Exactly ,really it could be silent hills to everyone including Kojima just name it something else for those IP problems.

Alexious1271d ago

I really hope they (Kojima and Del Toro) find a way to make it real somehow!

BiggerBoss1271d ago

Kojima can name it "Quiet Hills" lol

BG115791271d ago

That's the trick, it only needs to be a horror game, not Silent Hill.
If Kojima and Del Toro make a game, the title of the game doesn't matter.

sanosukegtr1231271d ago

Instead of silent hill call it Dead Night or Nightmares or Silent wish or something that can match up to silent hill.

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Iltapalanyymi1272d ago

i'll just sign this and get going. i hope it will live some day.

Blues Cowboy1271d ago

Oh stop signing these flipping petitions for every little thing. No-one cares, and the whole concept gets devalued each time.

OUROSMAG1271d ago

so far 2,223 people disagree with you.