Bloodborne's Interconnected World Gets a Brilliant Illustration By A Reddit User

Ever wondered what a map of Yharnam looks like? Reddit user Hypnotyks made a fantastic map showcasing the various districts of Yharnam and how they all connect, essentially giving you a pretty cool bird’s eye view.

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ninsigma2365d ago

I want something like that on my wall made out of some authentic material. Would be awesome.

joab7772365d ago

Definitely. Really shows the brilliance.

KwietStorm_BLM2365d ago

My mind blew out my ears when I climbed up that ladder into the graveyard.

ninsigma2365d ago

I spent ages at the beginning of the game trying to find a way through that gate! xD

KwietStorm_BLM2365d ago

lol I was starting to wonder if it was meant to be opened or if it was even important.

ninsigma2365d ago

Just goes to show the awesome level design put into this game :D

WizzroSupreme2365d ago

Wow, that's awesome! Bloodborne probably has the best universe of any of the Souls games, but I wish it had had a better ending.

Viryu2365d ago

I guess I'm the only one kinda disappointed after seeing this map, that Bloodborne's world is not as seamlessly connected as Dark Souls' one?

KwietStorm_BLM2365d ago

Yea I guess you are.

It's a mesh of the level design between Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, which I think is great.

Loadedklip2365d ago

Having never played Souls game before ... Bloodborne reminded me of Super Metroid.

That feeling of being lost but slowly and surely learning this world and how everything is connected. I love this style of level design.

Love the game. I need to track down Dark Souls 1 which I heard is similar unlike Dark Souls 2.

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