Soapbox: You Should Stop Pre-Ordering Games

Push Square: "We've got a problem, readers – and it pertains to pre-ordering games. I never used to be opposed to this practice: I'd happily drop a fiver at my local GAME on titles that I was looking forward to, and would waltz home happily with a receipt and a pre-order pack – the DVD that came with Metal Gear Solid IV: Guns of the Patriots being a particular highlight. But this was at a time when registering your interest in a release came after months of reveals; I'd read all of the previews, pored over the pre-release screenshots, and soaked up as much gameplay footage as I could when I dropped my deposit on Konami's tactical espionage escapade – and I walked away with a little trinket for my troubles. Less than a decade later, things aren't quite as innocent anymore."

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jc485731270d ago

stop preordering AAA games to be clear. I only preorder games that are hard to come by down the line. AAA games are always there.

nX1270d ago

I'm pre-ordering games that are must-haves for me and where I want to support the developers. Bloodborne and The Witcher 3 are good examples for that, both games deserve success.

I kinda agree though, don't pre-order games just because of their name and stay away from annual franchises.

1270d ago