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GameSpot E3 2008: MLB Power Pros 2008 Hands-On - Success Stories and Spicy Steak

GameSpot writes: "Last year's MLB Power Pros was a surprisingly deep and charming package, brimming with all sorts of weird and wonderful ways to experience America's favorite pastime. We spent a healthy chunk of time on the E3 2008 show floor with its upcoming sequel, MLB Power Pros 2008. John Dickerson with 2K Sports led us through some of its features, and we're here to report on the game--particularly on Success Mode, an RPG mode in which you rise through the minor leagues, playing for a team called the GreenApples.

In Success Mode, you choose various menu options to decide how you want to spend your time, which could mean a trip to the park, training in various areas, or going to work in the local steak restaurant. Your character doesn't freely roam about; rather, you choose your activities from a menu, and then he automatically performs those actions. Activities like visits to the hot dog stand not only have positive effects on you, but further the story and introduce you to a series of wacky characters, complete with bizzarro dialogue. In no other baseball game will a character named Isabela invite you to eat her habanero pepper steak, and then invite you to work for her. And as you would want in any Japanese RPG, the main character suffers from amnesia!"

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