Forever Unheard? Representation of Wales and the Welsh in Gaming

Wales and the Welsh are a generally unknown quantity to many outside the UK, but the Welsh presence in the games industry might just surprise you.

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Stringerbell1271d ago

I loved Drippy. His accent was spot on and pretty bold to go that colloquial for a game meant for such a broad audience!

Read this from an interview with Staffan Rhodri (the voice actory of Drippy):

The actual accent part of the Drippy character intrigued me greatly. I had heard that the Japanese voice job was performed by a gentleman with a strong Osaka accent, to give a unique regional flavour to the little fella. I asked Rhodri if he was aware of what led to his Welsh tones being chosen. “I had no idea how it was done in Japanese. One of the writers of the English script was a Welsh speaker from North Wales and this may have influenced their choice. I think a Welsh accent often works for comedy. Either the accent itself, or maybe the people, are naturally funny”. This is true. I cannot imagine Mr Drippy being anything other than Welsh. “Drippy was very close to my real accent, maybe more like my accent when I was a child” he continued, obviously aware of how this ties in with the storyline from the game: “It was useful for the character to remember myself as a child and several people I knew growing up. I think, in general, the Welsh people from my home town are enthusiastic and straight talking like Drippy!”