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nX1270d ago

Looks alright from a gameplay perspective but I'm not quite sure whether I can have "fun" while playing this...

ArchangelMike1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

The gameply looks solid to be fair, if only it had some other purpose beyond simply, "murder all innocents for your sick pleasure."

I remember when Manhunt came out - I absolutely loved that game - even though it was getting absolutely trashed by the media. The thing about Manhunt, it had character (remember Pigsy), and it had a story and it actually had pathos. By the time I got to Starkweather I was just so happy to shoot him over and over again for what he had put me through. Now that was an engaging but violent game.

This on the other hand definately doesn't have the character, story or pathos that gives much needed context to the violence. That ISIS video game that got banned seems to have more purpose than this.

1270d ago
Intranquill1269d ago

@logicalreason, the devs themselves said there's no higher ground for the game. There is no story or reasoning behind it. They want you, the player to come to with why he's doing what he's doing. Why he's so angry. So whether he was just assuming or not, he's right.

No source as its late where I am and I don't care enough, I just wanted to correct you. He may be acting like a game journalist, but you're acing like a typical gamer troll.

MasterCornholio1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

If I'm not mistaken in manhunt you kill criminals and psychos. I'm not saying that they developers shouldn't make hatred but I understand why some people might hate the game.

Its like if someone made a game about going to school and shooting people. Sure the game might be fun for some but others will find it quite offensive.

ChronoJoe1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

You can see it as endless survival if you like.

Isn't this what half of the people do on GTA all of the time. Murder civs till cops chase you and try to put you down, murder cops? Only difference is that this is contextualised within the characters narrative... in GTA, it's arguably more disturbing as these are the actions the player chooses to take, unprompted by the game.

This game is ultimately, for those people. To deny there is an audience, is to deny that people don't take enjoyment from similar actions in other games.

Heck, GTA even used to contextualise this kind of violence with the 'rampage' type modes.

In honesty, I think it's nice not to play the Hero, for once. The beauty of virtual worlds stems from the freedoms they grant, yet people, and developers chose to pose players into directly relatable characters, who's actions and mindset mimics what's considered a 'typical' human. I argue, that this is boring, and games like Hatred that offer the opportunity to partake in the actions of someone with a mindset divergent from typicality can be genuinely interesting, creative experiences.

hay1269d ago

It's a freakin Postal. I'm surprised people still have sand in their vaginas over it. And this is exactly something we've been doing in GTA games for over the years.

There's a special place in hell for hypocrites I heard :D

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lemoncake1270d ago

Well at least it will be a bit different than the endless zombie games we seem to get now.

DevilOgreFish1270d ago

"Hatred - "Human Shields" Gameplay Trailer"

I respect freedom of creation, but it's obvious to see wrong in the idea of harming people that have no intentions of fighting back. had the citizens all had weapons and never gave a sht i would have said fck it, why not.

hangdang1270d ago

I have a problem with your statement because you aren't harming anyone. Nothing in the game involves real people, it's a bunch of code meant to look like people. There are no "innocent people" dying when you play this game

Mulletino1270d ago

Haha I actually feel bad when I accidentally kill innocents in games where you get that capability. Obviously I'm not gonna start crying or anything but I can't say that I don't give it a second thought. Needless to say I won't be playing this game and my personal prediction is that hardly anyone will.

Meltic1269d ago

I dont care what people say. Still gona play and buy this awesome game. Just look at GTA isnt that just killing and stuff?

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DarkOcelet1270d ago

Why is this adult only? Most of this can be done in GTAV if you choose to do it.

I think Rated M should have been the right choice.

ArchangelMike1270d ago

ermm... the game concept behind Grand Theft Auto had alot more going for it than just "murder innocent civilians in the most horrific way possible". In fact, not only does Grand Theft Auto NOT require you to murder innocents, but infact you can play the whole of Grand Theft Auto without murdering anyone (you can simply knock them out with a punch).

This game on the other hand has no other premise but to glorify murdering innocents for sadistic pleasure. The AO rating is appropriate and well deserved.

DarkOcelet1270d ago

But i am just saying it can be done in GTAV. So shouldn't it get the same treatment. I know what you mean that this game glorify murdering innocents but its not like you don't kill innocent people in GTAV.

What about all those cops lol?

Lamboomington1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )


What you're saying holds true only if it's the IDEA of killing people we're talking about.

That isn't the case here. Sure you can do all that in GTAV. You can also do some of it in Just Cause I'm sure. That isn't the point. No one cares about the fact that you are killing an npc.

It's simply about presentation.

Does GTAV have a grim, deathly, horror movie tone ? Does it have a story/premise of violentky stabbing innocent npcs while they earnestly plead for their lives ?

No. The tone, the setting ----> the presentation - is different. When I kill someone in GTAV, I couldn't care less. I'm more interested in seeing the Euphoria physics system in action once I hit someone with a car. That's simply because GTAV is set up that way - it's presented that way.
Even a Hatred dev made a comment about GTA saying it was violent, but that the violence was served up cleverly, so it didn't feel violent - which is spot on, I think.

Hatred is designed to shock/disgust people. GTAV isn't.

ArchangelMike1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

It's the overall context of the game. If the developers of Hatred put the violence in a context it would be a very different story. GTA has a context, heck even Manhunt and Postal had a context, and moreover the context of GTA V (and Manhunt) does not require you to murder innocents. It does not require to murder cops either.

A game that gives you no other option but to murder innocents, without any context to define the purpose of the violence, has defined itself as Xrated. The devs don't really need to censor the game, they just need to add context to the violence.

JackBNimble1270d ago

If you were an advocate against violence then I may have bought your B.S. but then you list off GTA, Manhunt and Postal. It sounds to me like you just need to have some justification to commit these violent acts in these games to make yourself feel better.

Context or not, manhunt or Postal are not that far off of Hatreds level of glorifying murder for fun.

BTW, I am all for video game violence as long as it's left to the adults, and hell , I just might buy Hatred too.

001270d ago

the game is just to brutal for them normal people, even though they don't complain about that torture scene in GTA5, going on a rampage is just to much for them.

NecotheSergal1270d ago

I remember doing much worse on The Punisher on Xbox Classic.

People seem to forget that Punisher exists and also Postal 2. That and apparently 'thugs' and gang members don't have Rights and freedoms and Thugs being tortured is okay because they've done criminal offences. Though if it's insinuated the people being killed and tortured are innocent. WHOLE DIFFERENT STORY. Cause innocent people have more feelings than thugs and gang members :p Apparently.

CorndogBurglar1270d ago

You missed a very important part of your own comment.

"Most of this can be done in GTAV IF YOU CHOOSE TO DO IT".

That might not seem like a big deal, but it is. Because in GTAV the entire point of the game isn't to go around killing innocents. In fact, you get punished for it by having the cops and national guard come after you.

In Hatred, the entire point is to slaughter as many innocents as you can. You cannot even progress in the game if you don't do it. Rather than getting punished for it, you get rewarded for it.

So there is a big difference.

001270d ago

I don't see the difference between getting 5 stars in GTA causing mayhem to causing mayhem in black and white.

I think people are just trying to make excuses for the actions they take in video games, by making it sound like it has more meaning then it actually does in the case of GTA. pretending to be high class so one can sit on their high horse.

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ArchangelMike1270d ago

I'll pass, thank you very much. Not my cup of tea. I prefer my games with a hint of class.

morganfell1270d ago

Day One purchase. And implying a game doesn't have class because it doesn't make pretenses about violence "Well in this other game you DON"T HAVE to murder people" is just a tad arrogant, and dishonest.

mkis0071270d ago

I dont like agreeing...but it is accurate as far as I see.

1270d ago
FreakOrama1270d ago

Excited for this game, but yea I was kind of hoping for a story or something, but hey at least there will be side objectives and whatnot.

001270d ago

That destruction look great, can't wait for this game.

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