GameSpot E3 2008: New Xbox Experience Preview

GameSpot writes: "Microsoft's not content. Despite ostensibly having one of the best user interfaces out of all of the major consoles, Microsoft is reinventing the Xbox 360's look. The underlying Xbox Live foundation will remain the same, but Microsoft wants to make life even better for users by making existing features easier to find and use, de-cluttering the marketplace, and vastly improving the social experience of Live.

The first major change to the system involves basic navigation. The top level channels now consists of six items that closely resemble the menu structure of Windows Media Center - Spotlight, Games, My Xbox, Primetime, Community, and Videos. Each of the options contains additional functionality in sub-menu options and contains major innovations which we'll detail below."

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Ps3Fanboy7773748d ago

We understood in the first 5 minutes how it works. Man talk about beating a dead horse to death.