FIFA 16 Leagues Vote Report - Thailand Move Up

FIFPlay: The results of FIFPlay’s FIFA 16 survey on country leagues – April 28, 2015 (10am CET). 1,281,900 votes submitted by FIFA fans for 57 countries. The countries Ukraine, Israel and Brazil are in the Top 3 list. Thai League is currently 4th, which was in 41st place last month.

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Cra2yey31366d ago

Instead of teams nobody will use, how about we vote on fixes and improvement to FIFA 16...especially pro clubs.

3-4-51366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

It adds to the realism of franchise mode when those leagues are represented and the players within them as well.

Tons of solid leagues to pick from.

WizzroSupreme1366d ago

That's cool to hear. Don't see as many Asian leagues that often.

joel011366d ago

@cra2yey3z Thankfully that's not for you to decide . I really can't see why adding new teams will hamper the development process . Maybe some people from other countries wanna play as their local team that they support you know , just think about that.