PS4 And Xbox One Performance Is Nearly Identical, Cloud Can Help Xbox One In Certain Ways: Dev

"Cloud computing is coming, one way or another," says Jakub Mikyska.

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PANDAB1270d ago

Is that right. Tell me more...

InMyOpinion1270d ago

The Xbox One is really amazing. In theory.

Naga1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

We should always take these opinions with a grain of salt. After all, the developer isn't exactly operating at the bleeding edge of each console's capabilities with his indie shooter, "Tower of Guns".

Push the boundaries of each console and then come back and tell me where they are. Until then, I'll listen to those who have. I'll only listen to indie developers when it comes to how easy each console is to work on.

xHeavYx1270d ago

Another Indie dev whose game probably won't use half of the power of the consoles saying that they are almost identical, yawn.

AngelicIceDiamond1270d ago

Sure the X1's a good console but a game like this doesn't test the power of the two consoles at all. So far no Indie game really has.

The slight performance difference seems to be more present in AAA's than anything else.

fiveby91270d ago

This is more marketing driven damage control to thwart the widely held belief X1 is inferior to a core audience of 'gamers'. Why do we need constant reassurance that the console is 'as pwoerful'? We shall see what reality holds.

Eonjay1270d ago


I was playing Tower of Guns yesterday on PS4 and I would also assume that performance on both consoles should be identical. In fact I would expect the performance between the PS4 version and the PS3 version to also be nearly identical.

Brotard1270d ago

the only thing identical about these is that they play games really, otherwise no they aren't identical, don't make yourself look like a fool. Time and time again its proved that they aren't identical.

OB1Biker1270d ago

Pfff. Are people blind and still getting into this kind of flame war click bait from this site.
Manipulated into posting Endless pointless fanboy war arguments

BattleAxe1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

They are both pretty much identical. Anyone who knows anything about PCs, who looks at the specs between both consoles will tell you the same thing, especially when compared to higher end PC hardware.

I always think these debates are funny, since my PC has an i7 Intel processor, 12GB of DDR3 RAM, and a GTX780 GPU. The difference between my PC and the PS4/Xbox One, makes the difference between the Xbox One and PS4 look miniscule.

sonarus1270d ago

ok mrbattleaxe. does your pc blow clouds tho?

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1270d ago

The only thing i'm wondering is why anyone would pay attention to this type of nonsense when the specs for both systems have been available for two years.

FITgamer1270d ago

Leave it to Gamingjoke to e-mail every indie dev on the planet to get their opinion on the power of these current consoles while not even coming close to maxing them out. I really wish this site would get banned. They just spam the same s*** over and over and over...

morganfell1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

"PS4 And Xbox One Performance Is Nearly Identical", said little Billy as he ran along the playground pretending to be Superman, his towel cape flapping in the breeze behind.

And then reality struck him dead smack between the eyes as he tumbled down the hill to faceplant on a protruding rock in the middle of the creek, suddenly aware that what works in fantasy doesn't usually apply in the world at large.

What the developer should have stated was "My game performs nearly identically on PS4 and Xbox."

GameNameFame1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )


just look at the benchmark at GDC by Ubisoft.

Here is hard data. That no amount of denial can cure.

BeefCurtains1269d ago

If they're identical, it must be some sort of Microsoft marketing ploy to only release games at 900p???

CrazedFiend1269d ago

How would he know?

That game there barely looks like it pushes the limits of the PS2 (o.O)

Strange1269d ago

That's an insult to the word "theory".

hiredhelp1269d ago

BattleAxe + 15h ago
They are both pretty much identical. Anyone who knows anything about PCs, who looks at the specs between both consoles will tell you the same thing, especially when compared to higher end PC hardware.

I always think these debates are funny, since my PC has an i7 Intel processor, 12GB of DDR3 RAM, and a GTX780 GPU. The difference between my PC and the PS4/Xbox One, makes the difference between the Xbox One and PS4 look miniscule.

See its people like you that get a PC think they know it all you dont showing off your Rig specs doesnt make you any better just a fool.
Take it from a True PC Geek there is a differnce between both consoles look deeper at the hardware.

gapecanpie1269d ago

They are both the same pretty much both have the same crap tablet apu one just has a little bit more crap than the other and both are outdated and that was even before they went on sale, hell during the design phase both were outdated.

My 5 year old pc craps on both.

Maddens Raiders1269d ago

Tower of Guns? Getdafuqouttahere lol

pixelsword1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

@ gapecanpie

I'm sure your 5-year old PC craps on them both. Your PC with the eight cores and 8 gigs of GDDR5 ram.

Because we all know that five years ago, all PCs had 10,000 gigs of GDDR-50 ram and 40 cores.

gangsta_red1263d ago

Indie games don't matter when they start to talk about how there's no difference between the Xbox One an PS4.


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Genuine-User1270d ago

40% higher resolution in most third party games is not down to the "nearly identical" hardware is it?

Elit3Nick1270d ago

Having the better API does help, the PS4's GNM api is lower level than DX11

GenuineGamer1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Gnm is comparable to dx12 so it is unfair. Plus gddr5 makes it easy. Devs need better tools and time to get their head around xbo unique memory thats all. Xbo has had teething problems. The gap is closer than 360 an ps3 although results in res so far have mislead a lot of gamers. The gap is not as big as u think guys xbo has been handicappd by its api while ps4 has not.

headblackman1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )


all due to to an unfinished console! the x1 won't be complete until it has windows 10, dx12, and the azure network working at top peak performance. the x1 is more than capable of doing anything the ps4 can do, but not until it's original designs from the things that ive listed is complete. but is it sony's fault that the x1 is incomplete with those things that ive listed? no! should that lack due to it being incomplete be taken into consideration? yes! so let's be fair about this thing and wait till at least 2 of those 3 things complete (windows 10 and dx12) then let the judging and muscle to muscle comparisons begin.

Persistantthug1270d ago

Some of you seem to have a hard time understanding that the XBONE gpu is lesser powered than the PS4's gpu.

The PS4 will always have a superior graphics edge this gen.....period.

GenuineGamer1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

I knew i shouldnt have bothered commenting. Disagree galore. The majority of you on here clearly dont know how both consoles work. They balance each other out in different ways but it seems the majority dont know how to look past face spec higher numbers for certain components. Games being a slightly higher res due to certain cercumstances have only cemented the false understanding of said hardware.

Look guys ps4 is great. But so is xbox one, and the gap is not as big as paper numbers and early gen results would lead u to believe.

There are things about xbox one that people dont yet understand but in time you will see.

1270d ago
Genuine-User1270d ago

Does it also help close the gap between a stronger and weaker GPU?

Both DX12 and openGL support a low level API. OpenGL also supports a higher level API.
Xbox One has been in the market for nearly 18 months, I think it's about time we accept the performance difference.
The gap is far greater in comparison to last-gen. But that's a debate for another day.

So by your logic, they released the Xbox One a tad too early. You can't upgrade hardware components through API's.

What the hell did I just read. My head hurts.

GenuineGamer1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

The level of ignorance and "facts are facts" attitude on this site baffle me.

Is it really so hard to understand that xbox ones hardware is good, but being held back from working the way its designed to due to dx11 not being able multitask like open gl, gnm and dx12 can?

Its like you people have your heads in the sand because you prefer ps4.

But facts are facts right? software can NEVER make up for inferior hardware, even tho xbox ones hardware isn't inferior at all.

they are both capable of 1080p so why is xbo giving 900p results?

Bandwidth management issues. That is all.

Fact is GNM is waaay more advanced and efficient than dx11. That along with esram being tricky for some and ggdr5 being easy is the reason for slight res difference.

If the gpu was so much more powerful it would be more than a res difference in multiplats. You would have better textures and lighting to go with it but they are the same on both platforms!

Both gpus are more than capable of 1080p the issue is down to bandwidth and memory management of which gnm does a much better job than dx11.

AngelicIceDiamond1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

"The PS4 will always have a superior graphics edge this gen.....period."

I agree with the rest of your statement. But this statement isn't all true. The graphics isn't "Superior" X1 900p occasional 1080p VS say PS4 outputting 4k or close to it. Now that would be superior. 900p 1080p is better of course but not superior, its slightly better.

If that makes sense.

jznrpg1270d ago

@headblackman the problem with that is , when will this all suposedly be done? It could be by the time the Xbox 1 is "complete" the end of this gen could be very near. People want the product to be complete or very damn close to it at the beginning. API updates are normal but adding major components years later are not .

DigitalRaptor1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

I came into this article based on the headline for my daily dose of humour.

But never did I expect to be bowled over again and again by the Xbox strong posting lie and after lie.

One person (GenuineGamer) telling us that XB1 hardware is not inferior to PS4 hardware when the technical specification is fundamentally inferior pound-for-pund, and trying to have us believe that SOFTWARE can make INFERIOR hardware equal to SUPERIOR hardware. Dude, you PM'd me this garbage weeks ago and admitted you were drunk when you wrote it - I doubt anything has changed this time.

One person telling us his sob story about the "brainwashing media". Get those tin foil hats on boys. The persecution complex is real. Dude (Edonus)... I bet you weren't against the "biased media" last-gen when you were cheerleading Microsoft and their 360 and their Kinect, to the detriment of the PS3.

"The trick they played is that they made you believe the Ps4 is the definitive version so anything different is inferior when in truth its just different."

OH.... I'm sorry, does the PS4 not have the definitive edition of the vast majority of multiplatform games? I must have missed that.... or.... wait for it..... you're talking unequivocal rubbish and incredibly bitter about the truth:

Seasoned gamers can tell the difference - from what I've seen, only the casual gamer bunch are the ones saying there is no difference once upscaled. Try telling that to a PC gamer and they'll laugh your face red.

"Ps4 is easier to get there currently because its pretty much a last gen system just bigger parts."

OH WOW. OH JESUS. It's bad. This is really bad.

End the disgusting, horrific, shameful lies, the delusions and the persecution complexes. It's truly horrific.

Genuine-User1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )


The level of ignorance and denial is mainly from the pro Xbox camp on this website. Funny you're falling in the same level of arrogance and absolutist attitude.

I'm not downplaying the Xbox One's hardware, I'm stating information that has been made abundantly clear to most of us since early 2013.
Xbox One has been in the market for nearly 18 months, and in development for even longer. I think it's about time we accept reality.

It's almost as if you have your head in the sand because of personal preference.

Yep, software can NEVER close the graphical gap between varying hardware.

They're both capable of 1080p but not at the same graphical settings, if not for parity that is.

Bandwith is not the only issue. We can debate this as well if you want.

A 40% resolution advantage is not a 'slight difference' by any stretch of the imagination.

Finally, anyone with the least bit of technical know how would never make such a statement:

"If the gpu was so much more powerful it would be more than a res difference in multiplats. You would have better textures and lighting to go with it but they are the same on both platforms!"

The same 40-50% power advantage could be used for various graphical features if not for the higher resolution.

I suggest you research a bit more.

_-EDMIX-_1270d ago

""If the gpu was so much more powerful it would be more than a res difference in multiplats. You would have better textures and lighting to go with it but they are the same on both platforms!"

The same 40-50% power advantage could be used for various graphical features if not for the higher resolution.

I suggest you research a bit more."


Mind you, what developers choose in terms of res, frame etc is a choice, that doesn't really say much in terms of which one is more powerful. That is like saying if XB was truly better the PS2, then it would have a game like GTA V or something. Having the hardware doesn't mean that it will be used.

Soooo if a multiplat only has a slight difference in res, it just means the developers didn't just seek to tap out the PS4 or ie make another version or anything, just means they just upped the res. That really isn't proving anything other then what they choose to increase.

That isn't a case of that a system "can't" its actually based on the developer "won't".

Take the Ico HD port to PS3, it doesn't run 60fps, not based on that it can't as PS3 games on greater engines ran 60fps, its based on the amount of work and that the game wasn't even animated for 60fps and played right on 30fps anyway, so one wouldn't just use this game as an example of a system that "can't" do such a thing.

Its based on developer choice. Consider that a developer doesn't always want high frame or high res in place of stronger more noticeable graphical features.

What a multiplat looks like or what frame or res its at really isn't a great indication of system power as those things are chosen for the game by developers, it developer dependent, not system.

If they wanted 1080p 60fps all the time, they clearly wouldn't be making more demanding engines.

jden281269d ago

Listen you sony guys can't have it both ways... flip flopping all over the place. One minute you say they're just like pc's so we can just compare their cpu & gpu and say one is more powerful than the other because they're both x86 hardware like a pc. Even though MS very early on said that you couldn't compare them to PC's and listed the reasons why. "ALL" the Sony world did it anyway. Now when someone points out hey if it's just like a PC then it will get the same improvements a PC will get you all Flip Flop saying they're not like PC's. Make up your freaking minds it can't be both ways. I for one believe the MS engineers when they said "the machines are closer performance wise than you know and if you think MS is going to give up a 30% power difference to Sony you're crazy". Now why do I say such ridiculous stuff well MS already told us how so i'll break it down. The gpu & cpu in these machines don't sit in a vacuum and do all the work on the consoles they're only part of the equation. Also anybody who has coded even a basic game understands that resource management is paramount to achieving your goals.

So what are you programming wen you program a game?
1) GFX
2) AI
3) I/O
4) Physics
5) Network code
6) Background data maintenance
7) Dynamic sound
Each of these things have traditionally required processing cycles from the cpu, gpu or both.

For instance Dynamic sound is known to take between 15-20% of a consoles cpu cycles.

Physics have been known to bring a system to it's knees if there's a lot of dynamic destruction. (slow down city)

So while it is true that the GPU in the PS4 can handle more raw cycles, it is also true that there are many other co-processors present on a consoles motherboard that handle other parts of the game.

The XONE has a weaker GPU but has huge co-processor advantage bringing the systems to near identical OVERALL system power.

The problem has been that to effectively use the co-processors you had to code to the metal because the MONO api in use on XONE doesn't fully support all the features. That is why Phil Spencer said DX12 will make it easier to do things that the XONE is already good at
All you've talked about is GFX
SO lets break down the total processing power of the entire console both PS4 & XONE

processor power PS4 XONE
cpu 102 GFLOPs 112
gpu 1.84 TFLOPS 1.31
co-processors (1) ~10 GFLOPSs (15) 400 GFLOPs
----------------------------- ------------------------
Total Processing Power 1.952 TFLOPs 182.2 TFLOPs

In truth there's less than a 7% difference in total processing power of the machines it's just spread out differently.

As far as the GFX are concerned we often forget that a game is made up of so much more... it all has to work.

What DX12 does for the XONE is allow it to use those co-processors and e-sram efficiently because you had to commit considerable time to get the MONO api to get things done and some features simply weren't present in it that will be in DX12

rainslacker1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )


Actually last gen edonus was very much about how the media was biased against the Kinect, and all the criticisms about the Kinect were all based on some huge conspiracy to downplay how awesome and game changing it actually was. He could never accept that it was just a gimmicky piece of crap much like the Wii-Mote and move, and had limited application, and terrible implementation.


X1 doesn't use a Mono API. It uses DirectX. Mono isn't an API, it is a framework extremely similar to Java and closer to C#, which MS would use should it use a framework for game building since Mono is just a open source version of C#.

If by chance the programming environment/language(which is different than an API) was Mono/C# that would have nothing at all to do with writing to co-processors. Mono/C# is an interpretative compiling language where the OS does the work of translating the machine code, and if it were the way games were made on the X1 I can guarantee you that those games would not run as well as they did during the PS1 days. In fact if a framework were being used, being able to utilize those features would be much easier, as frameworks are platform agnostic, meaning the hardware is irrelevant to the program.

Those co-processors may not be utilized with the current API, I dunno any more than you obviously do, but if you're going to try and spout technical jargon with authority, at least get the most basic of technical principals right.

You don't know how these machines are set up to handle different tasks, that's readily abundant, and even if you did, I highly doubt you'd understand why it may be important, and it'd probably be even harder for you to understand that in programming, everything is situational to what the dev needs the end result to be anyways, so it's not an across the board kind of thing.

Consider this. The Sega Saturn had 9 distinct processors when it was released. It was a true powerhouse of a machine that could have obliterated anything else on the market. That was meaningless, because no one took advantage of it because it didn't have the software attachment or sales to warrant spending that much time on optimizing for such things. I really hope I don't have to spell out how that analogy compares to X1's current situation. Publishers aren't going to spend more time and money implementing things for one system, when they can make the same amount of money simply doing the bare minimum. That was proved early last gen, and it was proved on the Saturn, and every other console that wasn't a market leader for it's time.

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RocketScienceLvlStuf1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

A bare minimum difference between Xbone and PS4 games is 900p and 1080p which is no where near identical.

The gap was far smaller last gen on very few titles (GTA 4, Red dead to name a couple) and the giddy xbox fanboys couldn't contain their boasting and attacks on the PS3.

The gap this gen is there and it is big no matter how much the xbox fanboys now want to pretend it doesn't matter


Again. Only a couple of games showed any difference last gen. Now nearly every single game has at the very least a 900p - 1080p difference. Most games have better performance and more details on the PS4.

GTA V says Hi which had far more textures when it came to the rural areas.

Hercules1891270d ago

In certain games like that Mafia game certain areas were missing textures that looked more last gen compared to the xbox 360 version. This generation its just a couple frames missing or a little bit smoother edges on PS4.

GUTZnPAPERCUTZ1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

It's not as big of a gap as you may believe and how many fanboy's believe!

If you are a PC Gamer, then you know all it takes sometimes is turning off a couple of taxing settings to get to the desired resolution at a descent fps.

99% of Multiplats that have a 1080p native res on PS4 and X1 @ 900p, they still have the exact same graphics settings with the only difference being resolution!

In the PC world that is a small hardware gap! Like 1 GPU series different lol, Most of you Only console gamers are just uneducated on hardware relations, and I don't mean that in an insulting way :)

Is the PS4 stronger? YES, but marginally and that's the fact whether you like it or not.

TheCommentator1270d ago

Why is it that last gen the PS3 was way more powerful on paper but 360 looked better? Efficiency. Wait until DX12 games are out and then troll. 3rd party PS3 games looked like crap until Sony fixed their API too, or don't you remember?

Persistantthug1270d ago


No, I think we prefer to troll now, thanks.

rainslacker1269d ago

The biggest problem last gen among multi-plats was more performance issues than it was graphics issues. There were examples where each was better, but the high profile games typically ran better on X360 at launch, but the PS3 versions more often than not were patched later when the dev got around to fixing their lack of optimization for the PS3 likely due to deadlines.

The graphics difference this time is rather pronounced, or at least more than marginal, although I consider it not to be a big deal overall since I'm not a pixel counter.

I think the actual performance differences will be fairly minimal this gen. The PS4 will have an advantage with games that utilize GPU Compute, as raw power wins out over discrete co-processors which have nothing to do with those types of operations, while the X1 will have a slight advantage for games that are CPU bound...which is becoming much less common for games now, as the clock speed of the CPU is faster, and the system memory does have less latency which would be good for CPU bound tasks.

BeefCurtains1269d ago

I guess I'd like to chime in one more time... The PS4 definitely has the edge, and maybe "nearly identical" just implies that even though PS4s hardware is superior, it doesn't relate to massive real world differences. Sure, we can all pick out small differences here and there. But it's not like comparing the X1 to the PS3 or anything like that.

So let's all agree to disagree... PS4 has the advantage obviously, but even at 900p the X1 version of multiplats gives PS4 a run for its money. And if I showed you a video game in a blind test and told you it was a PS4 game, there is no one in the world that could step in and say NO WAY, that's the X1 version!!! It just wouldn't happen.

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Transistor1270d ago

Show me more, at this point it seems like more of a marketing ploy to play off the desperation some Xbox fans have for the Xbox One to perform like the PS4.

DevilishSix1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Proof is in the pudding, hardware specs say these are not nearly identical.

UKmilitia1270d ago

ooh,so the cloud is gonna put xb1 on top in terms of power??
PS4 And Xbox One Performance Is Nearly Identical and cloud computing is coming.

well the cloud is the power of 3-4 xbox one consoles so Sony be screwed when the sh*t storm does come.

on a seripus not my internet has been down a few times lately(issue in area)and im talking over last 3 weeks its been down for 5-6 days spread over those 3 weeks.
if cloud was such an important part of a game how could i play?
do my buildings not collapse or does my forza 3 turn into outrun???

1270d ago
VealParmHero1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

I take statements like this as confirmation of only one thing: X1 and PS4 are very similar overall. Especially for those who aren't really taxing the hardware. But even the larger devs seem to say the same thing. This is all really old news. The PS4 isn't some kind of generation ahead. The GPU is a decent step better and the RAM is by all accounts at least easier to work with (I know it is prob faster on the whole but there are so many articles back and forth about which is better in certain situations). So articles like this just pretty much confirm that they are similar, which we all already know. It's obvious if a dev is gonna push the hardware, then ps4 has a bit of extra power that will allow for higher res, more stable FPS and/or slightly better shadows/textures, from what we have seen so far.

Magicite1270d ago

Pay me and Ill tell you whatever you want to hear.

SilentNegotiator1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

So uh....Gamingbolt really is going to do this every week, aren't they? They're just going to bait an indie dev to say something that can be made into an Xbox vs Ps4 title, over and over and over?

Dark_king1270d ago

Yea pretty much though you can get a good laugh reading through the comments here.

kenshiro1001269d ago

People need to get over it.

The PS4 is more powerful and Sony planned their console much better as well.

Iluvtrim1270d ago

He said nearly.... Now what does that tell u!

deadpoolio3161270d ago

I mean it could help the Xbox in theory, but in reality it wont do much of anything...They cant just ignore the people with crap internet which is a huge amount of people...Nor can they say ignorant things like the Xbots say like derp derp get better internet...

Then you have games like Crackdown which will supposedly rely on the cloud a lot, so what people with that garbage internet should just not play it...And what happens 2 years down the road when they disconnect the cloud servers for it,or even when the cloud goes down people are just suppose to play a game with missing assets because the cloud is gone...

Internet capabilities just aren't there yet to be able to rely on the cloud, no matter how much Xbox fanboys want to pretend that it is, there is a major difference between a demo in a controlled environment and 10 million people all connected in reality

Bathyj1270d ago

Well the performance so far hasnt been identical. Has even ONE game been better on Xbox from a technical standpoint? There havent even been many that are the same.

Why are we still going over this. PS4 is more powerful and forever will be. Lets get on with our lives.

MRMagoo1231269d ago

It would be nice but we will still get the same ppl saying how the difference doesn't exist and at the same time say dx12 and the cloud will fix the issue that supposedly doesn't exist in the first place. Gamingbolt knows this and loves to make these "articles" to stir it up every time it gets quite.

I myself am really getting over it all, we just need everyone to except the fact the ps4 is the better performing console and just leave it at that , then we can get along with the enjoying of games instead, if people still have some negativity they should aim it at the things that matter like all this dlc junk.

rainslacker1269d ago

Looks like gamingbolt found their new Wardell....lucky us. Wonder if we'll have an article every other day from this guy now.

1269d ago
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Letthewookiewin1270d ago

Its identical if your not pushing the PS4. I haven't seen anything on X1 that looks as good as The Order or has the detail of Bloodborne. What a joke.

AutoCad1270d ago

You havent seen Ryse? and that is only a what 900p game?

hmm anyways back to MK X on the system that it works on

Captain_TomAN941270d ago

I have, and it doesn't look as good as even KZ:SF's campaign and that is a launch game. Since then InFamous and The Order have pushed the boundaries even more - oh and these games don't just have 5 stupid melee AI in 900p.

Letthewookiewin1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Ryse the 18fps slide show with clunky movement, thas nothing on the Order, which by the way, doesn't drop from 30fps. Also I have an X1 and have played Ryse.

MasterCornholio1270d ago

Ryse doesn't look as good as the order though plus its performance is quite poor when compared to The Order. I know The Order got slammed by the critics but the visuals are top notch and the performance is very good.

LifeInNZ1270d ago

There are some great comparison videos of Ryse vs the Order on Youtube. Given that a launch game on one system can be compared to a recent release on another to me says they did a pretty good job with Ryse.

If you're into the style of gameplay then neither game will disappoint - both still look great!

hello121270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Plenty of videos online show the x box 1 version of Ryse running at 29fps/30fps 18fps for the entire game lol ok whatever!

"Slide show with clunky movement" You obviously never played Ryse ever!

The Order was visually impressive but the game was mostly cinematic cutscenes and never mind the fact the top and bottom borders were blackened out to save on rendering time.

For me Ryse was more impressive it was a launch game released when x box 1 was in worst state then it is now. The order was shown off at E3 2013 Ryse launched two years before it even though it was shown at the same time. Two years later the Order 1886 came out still bombed and mostly got 6/10 scores

The x box 1 is not dx11 console and i know Playstation fans have hard time grasping facts and realities, but dx12 will improve the x box 1 even more. You guys asked in what way will dx12 improve the x box 1 and you got an answer.

Phil Spencer even retweeted this article and he only would only do so if he believed the content.


Cloud. Microsoft have announced a game is coming using it what more do you want seriously? Is a game not the prove you need?

SlyFoxC1270d ago


From the last paragraph of the article you linked

"DirectX 12 will have a huge benefit to Xbox One. It is, essentially, unlocking its potential being held back by an age-old API's lack of understanding in how to utilise multiple threads and cores simultaneously. Vulkan will offer the same to PS4 game developers, and it should be relatively simple to port between each set of APIs. Everyone is a winner."

the software will increase both consoles.

but really...just play games and enjoy them..

rainslacker1269d ago


You can compare any two games. It doesn't matter when they released. I could compare Ryse to Pitfall on the Atari 2600 should I choose to.

That being said, on a graphical technical level, Ryse is a far cry from the level of detail and quality and technique that got put into the Order. Some compromises had to be made for both games to achieve what they did, but Ryse is nowhere near as good looking as The Order.

I don't follow X1 games too closely, but surely the X1 has games now that have surpassed Ryse in terms of graphics quality...I'd hope so at least because Ryse IMO, doesn't even look as good as the launch KZ:SF, and it's certainly nowhere near as good looking as I:SS, or even the port TLOU:R.

Otherwise, yeah, they both look great, but game play is always subjective and can be hard to compare since I wouldn't consider the two games similar in that department.