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A video and text based The Order 1886 review looking at the gameplay and cinematic features on Playstation 4 considering the now relatively low price the game can be picked up for.

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Jalva1267d ago

That would be Heavy Rain in my opinion, it was incredibly engaging from start to finish.

Minute Man 7211267d ago

Heavy Rain was the shizznet

Minute Man 7211267d ago

One of my favorite games so far in this gen. It ended with a bang literally

ninsigma1267d ago

I agree with the points in this. The reviewer pretty much hit the nail on the head with what the game does right and what it does wrong. While I am one of the ones on here who thought this game was awesome, I do agree on the price point issue. Not because I thought it was short but because it only had one mode. I'm of the opinion that if a game has only single or multi player it should not be a full price game.

On a side note seeing as how the reviewer mentioned it. I think it would be pretty cool if we got a van helsing type game that looked and felt like the order where we're fighting mainly supernatural beasts.