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State of Decay Year One Survival Edition on Xbox One and PC is a game where survival isn't an element of the game. Survival is the game.

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MilkMan1320d ago

For the life of me I cant understand why the animation on this Year One, Xbox One is so janggy. It simply pulls you out of the experience and shows its grass roots, indie roots. This is major fail in my book. As well as the horrible tutorial.
This was an opportunity to fix some major issues with the game. While I gave it a pass on 360 because 1) it was one of a kind 2) it was an indie and had little budget and 3) being on the 360 probably couldn't deal with power requirements. For this edition, these issues are inexcusable.
Hell, even Monster Hunter has taken strides to make their games more approachable, and From Software for that matter. Sorry, they got my money. They wont get my play time, nor repeated sells. When the demo dies so did our buying power choices.

hankmoody1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

I'm not gonna sit here and tell you that the game doesn't have its issues but even with those issues this is still one of THE best zombie survival games I've ever played. It does so much right that the stuff it does wrong or not so good doesn't hold it back any.

Dudebro901320d ago

From software took 4 games just to make a game that is somewhat accessible. Bloodborn is still not accessible in many ways. Comparison was uneducated and pointless.

Pastorfuzz1320d ago

I just got the disc version and had to download a 3.7gb patch. Maybe that fixes some problems