DiRT Rally - Ultra Settings 1080p@60fps Gameplay

Watch 4 minutes of various DiRT Rally racing gameplay captured in 1080p60 on Ultra settings!

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XboxDD3343d ago

It looks gorgeus. 60 fps videos should really become the norm, so much better and fluid.

Nio-Nai3342d ago

Bought it the second I found out it hit, Feels solid, and looks fantastic, Especially once you pump it up to 4k. I look forward to what all they plan to add to it, and I really hope they add the 222D and the 165/185/205 Celicas.

micx3342d ago

I hope we'll see a release for consoles too somewhere down the line.

angelsx3342d ago

Of course.All the money coming from consols

hiredhelp3342d ago

All the money comming from consoles..
Dude this Game being funded by PC community http://store.steampowered.c...
Will it hit consoles idk

Moldiver3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

from the looks of it...codemasters are back. I need to take this for a test drive ASAP! It looks kind of...real in that video at times. crazy.

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