How Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Continues to Shun Modern Shooter Trends

And why it's still all the better for it.

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XboxDD1271d ago

Wolfenstein still keeping it old-school.

nucky641271d ago

yep.....and i sure wish treyarch would have done the same.

micx1271d ago

Me too. But it seems there'll be Nazi Zombies in BO3 at least.

deadpoolio3161271d ago

Well IF you ignore things like leaning around corners and aim down sights things which are not old school..Or really aiming in general since old school would mean you just have to point in the direction of something

oasdada1271d ago

Didnt play the new order but got digital preorder for this one

camel_toad1271d ago

It was surprisingly good. You should check it out next time you spot it on sale.

Minute Man 7211271d ago

U can find it on Amazon thru a 2nd seller for $19. I did

iamnsuperman1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

It is alright but no way should anyone pay full price for the New Order. It is very old school and does feel dated in its design. It reminded me of an old PS2 game.

It is a good second tier title (which is strange to see since they have died out in favour of cheaper indie titles) but they asked for way to much at launch

Kingdomcome2471271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

I have to respectfully disagree with iamnsuperman. It definitely shunned modern shooter conventions, but I'd argue that a lot of those modern shooter conventions weren't necessarily good things. The game had a story that drew you in, interesting characters, decent replayability with a branching story dependant upon a decision you make early on, and it had impeccable level design. I paid full price for it day one, and I haven't had the slightest bit of regret. I think Machinegames did an amazing job with the game.

DefenderOfDoom21271d ago

Having all your weapons all the time is old school and awesome!

Der_Kommandant1271d ago

In a market full of futuristic shooters, Wolfenstein feels so fresh and old school.

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The story is too old to be commented.