Siliconera: Diving into PixelJunk Eden

Q-Games' third title in the PixelJunk series was on hand at the Sony press booth at E3, where senior producer Deborah Mars gave an introduction to the game's unique play mechanics and explained the title's collaboration between Dylan Cuthbert, president of Q-Games, and Baiyon, the Kyoto-based visual artist and DJ. The latter designer is responsible both for the title's imagery and its electronic soundtrack.

In Eden, the player takes on the role of a tiny "Grimp," (in the above screenshot you can find three of them atop the PixelJunk logo). The name is a portmanteau word for the game's two core mechanics of jumping and gripping. Your Grimp can grip, jump, and swing from plant to plant on a silk tether in the phosphorescent landscape of Eden's garden. There is something in the region of twenty hours of unique gameplay to be explored–anywhere from single-player to three-player cooperative play is supported on the title, and high score rankings will be posted online.

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