You Should Absolutely Not Buy Batman: Arkham Knight’s $40 Season Pass

CraveOnline: "I’m as excited for Batman: Arkham Knight as the next guy, but when Warner Bros. announced today that the Arkham series would receive another overpriced season pass, I set my wallet on fire, put its ashes into a locked safe and then threw that safe off of a bridge in order to ensure that I’d never even contemplate purchasing it."

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Blastoise1359d ago

There's no chance I will. I don't buy any game that launches with a season pass, let alone boasts "Legendary Batmobile skins" and "Alternative Character skins" as a reason to buy it. It's a load of BS

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1359d ago

This pretty much says it all. Well said.

Bansai1359d ago

40 bucks? Are they effin crazy?

DARK WITNESS1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

I don't know why people are so supprised.

This is what many people keep pointing out. Every time we give in to this sort of stupidness they will just try and push the bar that little bit more.

When that bar is pushed other devs/publishers are watching to see the reaction..

it's only $10 who cares.

next time...

it's only $15, I work so it does not bother me.

next time..

It's only $20, and I get 5 hrs worth of gameplay so it's still good value for money.

Next time...

It's only $40, think of the poor starving devs they need to put food on the plate for their poor families.

no doubt there will be people who will defend this.

I really don't mind. With the Witcher out I am not in a rush for Batman. I bought the first two games day one, preordered and everything. This may just get picked up pre-owned end of the year, if I even care for it by then.

Yi-Long1359d ago

I'll wait for a GOTY edition, if that ever comes, and until then I'll enjoy The Witcher 3 and a few other games which don't try to nickel&dime me through these sickeningly greedy DLC practices.

If they won't release a GOTY, I'll go out of my way to buy the game 2nd hand, just so these greedy devs/pubs won't get a dime out of me.

I won't support this crap. Never have. Never will.

thekhurg1359d ago

A season pass that expensive just costs them a sale from me in the short term. I'll wait for a GOTY edition in a year or two and get everything.

$40 is absurd and I hope it blows up in their face.

raWfodog1359d ago

@ Yi-Long and thekhurg

The GOTY editions are definitely the route I go when buying games that have a lot of DLC. Sure I have to wait much longer to play the game but I already have a huge backlog and not that much time to play as it is.

breakpad1359d ago

one word ....Boycott.... the game itself and the DLC

ifistbrowni1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

Yeah, guys!! Let's stick it to Warner Brothers and buy their other game, Witcher 3!

That'll show them that they can't F*** with us! /sarcasm

Guys, I'll be seriously surprised if Witcher 3 doesn't have "short-cut" packs or something to purchase. If it launches with no controversial DLC I will be soooo surprised.

So far, Mortal Kombat and Arkham Knight have controversial DLC. The Witcher 3 already had a bit of controversy when they announced their season pass, but I expect that was the "calm" before the storm.

Warner Bros showed their greed with Mortal Kombat and I said during that outrage that I wouldn't be surprised to see they ruined Arkham Knight and Witcher 3 with DLC. Well, today they confirmed Arkham Knight.

Honestly, I'm still buying Arkham Knight. IDC how many people stealth disagree with me for saying it. Batman has been my favorite franchise since I was a kid and the Arkham series make for some awesome gameplay/stories in the Batman Universe. Sorry if I hurt the gaming industry by not purposefully missing out on one of my anticipated GOTY over some optional DLC.

I'll buy the game at launch, if the DLC proves to be something significant, I will buy it. If it proves to be standard DLC, I will wait for the DLC to go on sale OR buy the complete edition. What I won't do is avoid my personal favorite franchise over some optional DLC.

If the DLC is insignificant, I'll buy game day 1, take my time in the universe and beat it/get the platinum trophy and then trade it in and forget all about the DLC ever existing.

BeefCurtains1358d ago

There you have it folks! Publishers officially have no respect for gamers and this is their big middle finger to the consumer!

"Yeah, take half a game and like it! Now sit and wait for months while we roll out patches to make the game work. Yeah, you like that don't you! Take it! Yeah, here's some crappy DLC for you dirty little gamer!!!"

Taero1358d ago

@1.1.7 ifistbrowni

There you go, 16 DLCs including cosmetics and quests, things that other devs would have packaged as pre-order incentives or a few dollars here and there. They WILL be releasing two paid DLC packs later on but those are expansions to the existing game much as we would have bought expansions for games in the past.

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avengers19781359d ago

I never buy season passes for anything, and hardly ever buy DLC

yellowgerbil1358d ago

I know right, I can't understand why everyone is up in arms, I've only ever bought 1 DLC Fallout 3 Broken Steel no other DLC has ever been worth a single cent to me and consider playing the game without SKINS and extra online maps and other things I don't use anyways pointless.

PX541358d ago

Yeah, if the developers didn't consider it worthy enough to go into the game then why should I consider paying extra for it? There's very little DLC that has ever enticed me, and they're only additional full game modes/story missions never just skins or maps.

Perjoss1358d ago

Great thing about Arkham Asylum and Arkham City is they have aged really, really well, so I'm just going to go ahead and play those again and just grab Arkham Knight for cheap in a steam sale whenever.

Yi-Long1358d ago

I still haven't played Arkham Origins cause I've been waiting for a 'GOTY' including all content.

Might as well pick that up somewhere cheap. WB doesn't want my money, cause they couldn't be bothered releasing a complete version, so I'll make sure I'll pick up a 2nd hand copy. I don't want them getting any of my money, when they try to nickel-and-dime me like that.

Vote with your wallet.

PX541358d ago

@Yi-Long Arkham Origins was never going to win GOTY - mainly because the developer said they weren't fixing functionality bugs, instead were concentrating on DLC.
Even though it's made by a different Dev than Asylum and City, it's largely the same game but frustrating as hell when you do run into a bug - I couldn't progress in the game because it wasn't giving me one of the objectives, I had to restart and work my way back to that point.

rainslacker1358d ago

I would only buy this game day one if the batmobile edition became available again. I like the series enough, but I know within a year of release I can pick it up for $40 with all the DLC included.

GordonKnight1358d ago

Games cost too much to make in this day an age. Say, hello to the industries way of pricing games at $100. the initial price is $60, but the complete game is $100.

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ERFO1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

I won't buy it (the season pass, that is. The game I'm totally buying) That money will go toward another game. There are too many awesome titles on the horizon to waste my money on the chincy extension of a game that I've already Purchased.

BellePelouse1359d ago

Spider Jerusalem is always right

re2_apocalypse1359d ago

Someone who speaks logic and common sense instead of those that are saying "eh... I guess I will wait for the GOTY edition or whatever"

ERFO1358d ago

I called someone a sheep on a similar thread for saying "don't tell me what to do" concerning the DLC and it was labeled trolling. When 7 people agree with a troll its status as a troll should automatically be cancelled.

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endzeitkind1359d ago

wtf. no... noho hoho oho no way. wellcome, to the future. its like buying two games.

One-Shot1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

The Witcher 3 expansion pass with 30 hours of new story content - $25

Batman AK season pass more super-villains, Batmobile skins, advanced challenge maps, extra character skins, new story missions, and race tracks. -$40

...yeah the former sounds a lot better.