Why Kojima Leaving Konami Could Be Great

Fans are completely upset, disgusted, and all around bummed by the news coming from Konami this week on Kojima. But there may be a silver lining to all this. Justin discusses how Kojima leaving Konami could be the best this that could happen to Kojima Productions.

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callumjack1322d ago

Please please please let this turn into him bringing back boktai through some kind of kickstarter

SpinalRemains1381322d ago

I'm sorry, but I am ignorant to what Boktai is.

Is it a Japanese game?

TheZeroReview1322d ago

Boktai was an AWESOME GBA title from Kojima that required sunlight to power your main weapon so you could slay vampires. And I mean actual sunlight, like you had to play outside. check it out

callumjack1322d ago

Boktai was kojima's GBA game, it included a lot of metal gear sneaking elements, but in a fantasy setting. It was loaded up with metal gear Easter eggs and cameos, but it was probably best remembered for having a solar panel on the game cartridge for helping your character exorcise demons. It had 2 American games, and DS sequel that was more of just a spiritual successor, and the 3rd actual boktai game for GBA never made it to America, which is a shame, because boktai 2 was fantastic and got away from all the problems people had with the solar panel from the first game

ChouDa1322d ago

Wait... like a legit solar panel? Like.. kids would be slaying vampires while being... outside?!?!

hkgamer1322d ago

boktai was a handheld game, think 2 games were released, one came to western shores.
the solar gun from mgs4 was an easter egg for that game.

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ZeroSkerbo1322d ago

There is no way Kojimas fan base couldn't help him get something totally new and amazing funded. This is just the way this generation of development is going no?

ChouDa1322d ago

Big name devs and directors crowd sourcing their stuff has been getting more common! I mean.. Inafune is a perfect example.

jmc88881322d ago

Of course. All the big corporations and the 0 percent funny money want to pile into the scams, which means little is left for actual capital expenditures.

Today's world is make money by paper shifting. Create wealth by attaching yourself as middlemen to wealth creators and then claiming power and ownership over it all.

With Wall Street demanding one thing and gamers demanding another, we would be SOL if not for the revolution in banking approaching.

We don't need big banks. We don't need their frauds. We don't need to bail out their frauds. We don't need our deposits to be seized for their frauds.

What THEY do, can be done in many other ways WITHOUT THEM. Let their derivatives take them down next time, we are better off without them.

Because this is reality, and it is in case you aren't aware of it, this is why Kickstarter and other crowd funding mechanisms will come into play.

Where the traditional funding mechanisms only want scams, the people of the world still need what we need and want what we want. If they aren't providing for it, and they AREN'T, competitors will arise and overtake the fraudsters.

Why do you think the AIIB is taking over? Because the IMF and World Bank aren't for development, they are for lording over people for Wall Street/London.

People of the world want to build their future, and they don't want to do it. So the AIIB will take the lead and America and our institutions will take the backseat.

We've abandoned the American tradition, but others haven't. From Video games to worldwide water/rail/electrical/space projects, America and the West have shut their economies down because they want to, and have ceded leadership to those who wish to lead.

Except they haven't really ceded it, they are just to clueless to realize they have been overtaken, just like they are clueless to what they are doing and not doing.

I like most genres of games, but why do we see less experimentation and innovation with the mega corps? Because that's the Wall Street way. They aren't interested in innovation or long term thinking, they are only interested in money and short term thinking...which basically means long term they are toast.

So yes, this is where we are heading, in fact this is where we are, but the shift will take time to fully complete, and the people who are losing everything they are sitting on top of, will not go quietly. But they chose this, and the hell they will wish to unleash once they completely figured out they are screwed might collapse everything, but only if we let them.

TLDR: Big banks/wall street/city of london fund paper tricks not real stuff. Real Stuff is desired and people will use the technology available to bypass the vampire squid leeches preying on us all. Thus Kojima does have a great opportunity to do what he and gamers want outside the scope of morons. Big national and supranational projects all the way down to video games/movies will be funded by real institutions created to serve man as well as crowd sourcing. In other words man will bypass what Wall Street doesn't want.

Soldierone1322d ago

It's good because Konami Digital Entertainment is going belly up. If Konami can't spend enough money to make gambling legal in Japan, Konami as a whole might go belly up.

I don't think Kojima needs to worry IF he wants to keep making games. I think it's pretty clear who it was that kept Konami relevant for so long, so any other studio would welcome him.

jmc88881322d ago

Japan as a whole is going belly up. Abenomics is a completely lunatic theory.

Their demographics are horrendous with a bunch of old people leaving the workforce and fewer children to take their place.

People just don't realize how screwed up Japan is. It's hard to get through to my fellow Americans how bad what the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, Republicans, and Democrats are doing to Americans.

People want their Kim Kardashian, not real things. For that they are getting royally screwed.

But for the layman, what Japan is currently doing makes the Federal Reserve look like child's play.

They are monetizing every issuance of debt. I.E. They create debt and print money to buy all of it up, so much so, there is nothing for other people to buy know like pensions and stuff. (this also hurts because then if forces them to buy riskier stuff....which will blow up pensions when those riskier investments go south)

Why? Because, since they believe the Wall Street/City of London idiots who say free trade is great, and they subscribe to it... this is what happens.

These idiots' theory is that the way to export goods and thus have prosperity is to devalue their currency so their stuff is cheaper for you to buy compared to stuff made in China or Vietnam. AKA A currency war. (which are generally followed by real wake up people...last call)

These free trade idiots unleashed a monster of influence.

1st it 'forced' them to outsource their stuff to cheaper wages centers like Korea, then China, and now also Vietnam and other low wage Asian countries.

They pretend this is how it has to be. They forget this is what they CHOSE to do and is simply a 'feature' of their chosen ideology.

Then since this is basically an asymptotic line approach, aka the lowest common denominator...the carnage is never ending.

Eventually they get to the point where they have to 'devalue' their currency like I said earlier...but how you may ask?

By printing lots of lots of money out of thin air for no reason other then to devalue their currency.

So lets say this again in simpler terms. They are borrowing huge sums just to TEMPORARILY weaken their currency in order to export more. Sometimes they do this and it does jack squat, or whatever they wasted in printing is overcome by the markets in hours.

So in even SIMPLER TERMS they are borrowing money and throwing it in the fireplace.

Then you realize they are doing this on top of having an absolutely unimaginable debt load.

So imagine making 40,000 a year, and having a million dollar home loan to pay off, yet you have no prospect for a raise, and to top this off you are borrowing ten thousand more a day simply to burn in the fireplace.


We here in American and the Western World are not far behind.

The best way to look at it is this. Japan's 2008 economic crisis happened around 1990.

But since things are moving faster, it won't be 18 years until we are where Japan is, it'll be much, much faster.

Konami is part of this crapshow and constrained by all these idiotic policies, and Kojima doesn't need to go down with Titanic. His services are wanted and in demand, and he will be fine.

Konami on the other hand... is pretty much fudged. They just lost their best asset while a sail in the sea of uncertainty.

But don't feel bad for them, this entire setup has been chosen every step of the way. You reap what you sow.

deadpoolio3161322d ago

NO THEY AREN'T damn....Konami is NOT going anywhere...They literally make NOTHING on gaming compared to the money they make in everything else they do....They can sit back bury all their IPs never make another game again and be extremely profitable...You people dont seem to get it, they dont really make anything from gaming. Their main source of income comes from literally anything thing else they do...

Soldierone1322d ago

-Their other business is coin machines. Currently Konami regeared this side of the company to target gambling and casinos, but that is illegal in Japan and Konami is losing the battle to make it legal. So they basically re-geared their company for nothing.

-They said they dropped NYSE stock due to low trading, but it's the most popular market in the world, if people are not buying, then there is a reason. Could it be that over the past 5 years their Japan stock (which they touted was "strong") is currently sitting at -25 percent and falling still?

-BOTH their revenue and net profits AS A COMPANY were down for a year, and it's expected to happen again during their meeting next week for a second straight year. They were down 11 percent last year, 20 percent the year before, and 30 percent the year before that.

-As stated above, YEN is losing value, never good for a Japanese company.

-My comment suggested they will shut down the DIGITAL BRANCH, which just fired pretty much all their main developers and only has ONE game on schedule (MGSV). The rest of their developers are helping other areas of the company. Let alone their E3 presence as of late has been basically a small booth in the corner that shows off MGS and PES....With a company that is struggling you sell off dead end branches, which in this case is their game division.

Rob72741322d ago

We may get a Suikoden from Konami now!

Probably not but I can hope.

hkgamer1322d ago

never doubted that kojima wouldnt be better off leaving konami. i only have 2 problems, he cant carry on te ip's he made or got involved with and also cant take the fox engine with him.

anyways, it probably will be goodbye to konami for me, kojima was the only thing left for me to respect that company as a gamer. hopefully all fans will give phantom pain and mgs the farewell it deserves.

kojima, i will be looking forwars to your next game. hopefully you will go independant and only sign with publishers if you feel that you have full control. also give us a quick visual novel snatcher/policenauts type game first.

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