Video Gamers Have Better Connected Brains

Amongst the wider public, video gamers do not have the best reputation. They are perceived, somewhat unfairly, as socially awkward, bespectacled, pimply-faced geeks. However, new research provides them something of a "Revenge-of-the-Nerds moment": Action video gamers (AVGs) have more gray matter and better connectivity in certain subregions of the brain.

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marinelife93080d ago

I always felt I wuz a little smartur then mi nongaming cowerkers.

3-4-53078d ago

* Having to micromanage a ton of stuff on screen at once can have it's benefits in other areas of life.

* Also games are GREAT for decision making skills.

Agent_hitman3079d ago

I actually agree to this, for some reason. It's kinda flattering ahahahahahah

Thatguy-3103079d ago

It's not hard to believe since playing gaming isn't a passive experience what so ever. The brain process so much information during those sessions.

Sureshot3079d ago

Speak for your self! My brains disjointed as f***!

Lighter93079d ago

Better hand/eye coordination for sure.

SpinalRemains1383075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

Gaming is excellent brain candy. Always has been.

Beyond hand eye coordination, it teaches the individual to process lots of information much faster than they ordinarily would have to.

I have said this for decades and it is true. Being an intense gamer leads one to be a much better driver. The ability to scan the road and focus on the data heavy areas, while simultaneously taking in and processing other areas, and making quick decisions is often helped by gaming. It takes years, but it 100% has a positive effect.

Gamers have a confidence attribute between their hands, eyes and actions. We are able to do without thinking and our relationship between mind, hand and eyes is very honed.


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