Batman Arkham Knight Season Pass and Premium Edition revealed

Neil writes "Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment have today announced the Season Pass and Premium Edition for Batman: Arkham Knight."

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DarkOcelet1267d ago

So to play the full game we must pay 135$ eh? I will wait for the Goty Edition thank you.

The Witcher 3 will keep me occupied till then, hell i havent finished Bloodborne yet so i can wait.

oKidUKo1267d ago

That's the current gaming world I'm afraid, it's a good call to wait for an inevitable GOTY... if you've got other games to finish off and are in no rush.

DarkOcelet1267d ago

Thats a shame really. You know what really piss me off, is that season passes/dlc prices rarely goes down.

I remember seeing in Mass Effect 2 costing 10$ and the full story dlc costing 25$. That outrageous.

spicelicka1267d ago

And then you got real idiots of society saying things like "oh it's optional, no one's forcing you to get it bro", "oh get a job bro", "oh developers gotta pay their bills bro"...

ZombieGamerMan1267d ago

So stating the obvious makes them idiots then? It's not idiocy to state that you really aren't forced to get these DLC unless you feel like you are entitled to it simply because they said it exist than the real idiots of society are the people who think that

spicelicka1267d ago

Stating the obvious doesn't make them idiots, defending these practices makes them idiots. Everyone knows it's a choice (even though that line is quickly fading with cut content), but not letting fellow gamers criticize something for the benefits of gamers as a whole, is idiocy.

KevehKins1267d ago

Mega excited for this...just not enough to fork out that much money.

Back to the old routine of waiting until its old and dirt cheap, or a game of the year type edition

Wonderful1011267d ago

GOTY Edition saving the day once again.

xwilldemise1267d ago

$40? ._.
Geez, love this series & I love Rocksteady but I can't imagine content that could justify paying $40 for. If that's the case, these DLC packages better be huge & I'm not talking extra skins or whatever.

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The story is too old to be commented.