Are Konami's Days as a Game Developer Almost Over?

Konami loses its greatest developer and delists from the New York Stock Exchange as part of restructuring. Should fans panic?

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oKidUKo1361d ago

I used to play their PES games and even though I don't play them now it'd be a shame to see them fade into nothing. FIFA are already slack in areas of enhancement, with no competitor it could be terrible for footbal fans.

bouzebbal1361d ago

fifa15 is pure garbage (on PS4 at least). PES15 on PS4 is number one football game this year.

Konami should start making washing machines and bottled water /s

oKidUKo1361d ago

I'm on Xbox and FIFA isn't the best but PES took too long to fix their servers that I lost faith over the years. PES need a Clubs mode too.

Brotard1361d ago

Paradox might jump in the emptying football sim like it did the city sim with cities skyline, that game doing them well, most worried about the iconic franchises like silent hill, mgs, castlevania etc,

NeoGamer2321361d ago

Konami will continue in the gaming business but their focus will shift more to the gambling side where they are seeing growth.

As for why? Well, as usual it comes down to money. They aren't making as much on consoles as they would if they did their stuff elsewhere. And most of Konami's games have no incentive for gamer's to buy them new. MGS, Castlevania, and Silent Hill all get new sales taken away through the used and rental game market.

So, gamers continue to buy used or rent, and these types of games continue to disappear because publishers feel they don't get the return on investment they can from doing other things with their developers.

But, I will again get two hundred disagrees and no agrees because gamers seem to think this has nothing to do with it.

All I ask then, is if games are doing so great financially why do developers go out of business or change their business model to things where the used and rental market aren't involved? There is only one answer... They go to where they can get the most bang for their development dollars... That is in mobile where used games don't exist and other things like gambling where again no used market exists for their software.

N4g_null1361d ago

If consoles were always online and sales where all digital then this wouldn't happen.

Isn't that what Xbox one was designed to do? Isn't this what steam already does. Couldn't they just make pc only games on steam?

The ps4 has paid online.

It would seem we are actually seeing the slow death of movie gaming. First square fell then Capcom and res evil. Now konami put all of their eggs into Kojima and now he wants out or something went wrong.

I'm noticing how these movie games are consuming budgets man power and draining creative efforts for game play.

MasterCornholio1361d ago

If consoles were always online and retail copies had draconic DRM policies consumers would reject the consoles and the gaming industry (for consoles at least) would die.

cemelc1361d ago


Considering that movie games as you called them are sp games, its a grimm future whats ahead.

Cos mp is for the no attention spam crowd.

N4g_null1361d ago

Not really people bought record copies of broken games that needed day one patches... a kind of checking in of sorts and paid online services that no one wanted is widely accepted even on pc.

Even nintendo is going to start an online service. Simply because people want nintendo to get with the times. You won't scream foul until it is too late.

Don't get mad at online multiplayer games. They are more of a game than story games. Story games are games that are only about the cut scenes. They are not replayable. The game play is very shallow. We use to call these bad games now we call them triple a games. At least with metal gear you had to think and have some skill. Yet most of these games are just as dumb as your cod hate. Movie games should rival real movies because interactive experience trumps passive movie watching. Yet if you don't play truly challenging games then you would not know.

DARK WITNESS1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

The used market has always been there, gamers have always had the option of buying used games...Yet some publishers manage to make games that sell and are very profitable regardless of it while others seem to spend so much time trying to figure out how they can shackle gamers into buying new so they don't miss out on those extra sales that they put off the people who would have bought new so they loose out anyway.

maybe if they focused on making games that really offered good value for money and a gaming experience that truly entertains, then more people would be buying day one instead of waiting to get a pre-owned copy.

it's a bit of a catch 22 ya, but making out like it's just the pre-owned market that is the problem is bull crap.

it is their own greed that is the biggest problem.

they make a crap game or a broken unfinished one and expect people to be jumping up and down to throw money at it. when that does not happen they then think it would be a good idea to try chopping it up into dlc and charging stupid money for that.

Selling digital could help but instead of passing the savings onto the consumers they still have to charge full price same as retail so it's offering no advantage over the retail version, So why would I buy either.

The xbox was designed to push that and most people could see that would be even worse for the industry then the current state.

I personally have reduced the number of games I buy simply because I don't feel the quality I am getting is there anymore.

If the games were cheaper then I may be willing to take that gamble, having a second hand market provides that option. If I was locked into every single game I buy thanks to drm and always online then I would be buying even less games then I do now.

At least buying a game pre-owned opens me up to buying DlC (if the dlc is actually any good,which it rarely is) so devs can still make some money off that.

locking the market down would only make it worse not better and many gamers made their feelings on that clear when the preorders for xb1 went downhill after all their bullcrap policies were announced.

Hereiamhereibe21361d ago

Hogwash, GTA, Elder Scrolls, Zelda. These games are so good people will buy them several times over. If Konami is so concerned about used games there are about a million things they could do to make mgs horrible for people buying used, or they could just make sure there game is good enough to keep players interested thus preventing players from selling there copies.


Well said, my point exactly!

they are just looking for an excuse to make money of games they know are shit!

If they would put the time and effort into making a game that gamers want then we will buy brand new, day one!

NeoGamer2321360d ago

So, what you are saying is that in order to make money your game has to be the elite of the elite games.

You are furthering my point.

Unless a game is brilliant, the way the current market is, it will not make enough money to justify its effort. Therefore, publishers are shying away from taking chances on new IPs, shying away from doing things new, etc.

Right now on PS4 and XB1 I see only three types of games. Super AAA like GTA, Halo, TLOU, etc, Crap games like Sherlock Holmes, Duck Dynasty, etc. and Indie games. There are no more B titles!


I didn't say it needs to be the elite of the elite, it just needs to offer good value for money.

If you are going to make a B title as you call it, and try and charge it as a AAA and tack on all this extra crap to make money, well of course nobody is going to buy it.

people go for preowned because they know the game is not worth full price. if the price was dropped on those B titles maybe more people would buy them new and the money would still be going to the devs/pub instead of the second hand market

jmc88881361d ago

You might want to look at what's happening in the Asian gambling market. A bunch of the casinos are closing. Of course, we're living in a great depression, so when the stock market tanks massively more then in 2008, you'll see what happens to gambling.

Used games, trading games, and renting games have been around since well the 70's or 80's depending on which one you are talking about...but somehow NOW it's too much for Konami to handle? Wow.

No you get the disagrees because you THINK it has an impact. You have a very crazy point of view that is completely wrong.

People who aren't going to buy the game aren't going to buy it. If you take away the ability to trade or rent, most of these people who are 'denied' are not going to buy the game, they'll skip it. If anything you actually DECREASE SALES for two reasons....

One some people rent games before they buy. If these people can't rent, then they won't buy. Sales lost.

Two, the fewer ways people get access to the game, the fewer number who talk about it or populate the online portions. This causes less mindshare, with less people talking about how cool it is, which in turns is less of the BEST ADVERTISING EVER (word of mouth). Fewer people online also mean a shorter life which also means less valid reasons for late adopters of the game for the multiplayer portion to pick it up.

You are completely missing the point. Corporations go where they THINK the money is. Most of the time they are wrong because they are run by a bunch of myopic morons. Wall Street is a casino run by fraudsters. They do what they do because it's the best way for them to corner markets and extract as much wealth from wealth creators as they can. Wall Street are MIDDLE MEN, nothing more.

More and more people in the world are choosing not to create wealth, but would rather go the easy way and scam for it.

The reason mobile has higher profits is simple.
1. Bigger market. Billions of phones, not tens of millions consoles.
2. Cheaper product. Producing little depth 1990's style games, doesn't cost much.
3. Providing hooks so people can literally spend 50,000 on a game is more profitable.

In the end this is much worse from a consumer perspective, but you are right, it's much better for the bottom line.

Quite bowing to Wall Street and their bs explanations.

I'm sorry you get all the disagrees because you believe corporate talking points and are oblivious to the world rather then using your own head to think.

What you also forget is that the gaming market is SATURATED with games.

You have all the consoles and the normal AA/AAA games
You have a million indie games on Steam/consoles (new)
You have all the phone games sucking up the casuals (new)

Basically look around you have 10x the games, or more on the market overall as you had 10 years ago.

People have more choices, and with that, every game is competing in a much larger arena.

They also have alot less money thanks to Obama and Bush (same thing). They whore for wall street, not you. You have stealth inflation, less income, fewer jobs, and even less credit. Thus people have more choices and less money.

...and you want to toe the company line about 'used' games and 'rentals' being the reason.

Let's also not forget that since Konami has never just been about videogames, that it is always inevitable for there to be shift towards and away from certain products. If you want a valid theory, stop looking at one outside influence, and forgetting all the others.

NeoGamer2321360d ago

After playing through Wolfenstein the new order last year I went and talked with my friends that like FPS campaigns about it and asked if they purchased it...

I asked 14 friends...

9 bought it used, 2 said they weren't interested, and 3 rented it from Gamefly.

Granted that's not a huge sampling, nor a scientific sampling. But, it really opened my eyes to these single player games vulnerability for new game sales.

MGS and Castlevania are primarily SP experiences. So, when gamers are left with a decision to buy it new or used, they see no consequence in buying it used so they do... If you think it is insignificant then you are delusional.

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Letthewookiewin1361d ago

I actually hope they do fade out. Then sell off their ip's to (hopefully) a dev house that will use them properly (actually use them).

Nio-Nai1361d ago

Oh no another, "X" company is doomed story.

So since Sony didn't fall under, and Nintendo didn't die out from it's youtube situation, I take it this is another article full of hot air.

italiangamer1361d ago

Couldnt have said it better, here is full of people that thinks Konami ONLY makes profit from MGS and PES while in reality they get the majority of profits from pachinko and gambling machines. Just another stupid article like other tons of shit news that get posted here on n4g.

1361d ago
hkgamer1361d ago

i think in terms of video games that we are interested in, konami is just as good as dead.

pes is probably coming back since it has been dead for a number of years. but without the premier league license it will never be as big as fifa even in the eyes of gamers.

anyways the company wont die out, but we know in terms of video games kojima productions was what kept it alive. castlevania sold pretty well, pes that was supposedly great was using the fox engine.

Nio-Nai1361d ago

Just a heads up, The latest Castlevania games are by Mercury Steam, not Konami.

hkgamer1361d ago

castlevania was hired by konami to make the game. so its technically them making it aswell, especially with the involvement of kojima productions in the first lord of shadow game.

is star ocean a square enix game or a tri-ace game?
the order 1886 a ready at dawn game or a sony game?
ratchet and clank a insomniac or sony game?
DmC ninja theory or capcom?
dragon quest 8 level 5 or square enix?

publisher owns the ip, when they outsource for other development studios to handle game its still the publishers game in a sense.

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