The art of war – Gears' top designer revels in horde feature, other tools of doom

While the new game earns its Mature rating, the focus on story should keep gamers' attention, even if players have the option to skip any cut scene. Bleszinski is not a fan of games that force people to sit though long interludes of forced storytelling.

"We're making the accessible blockbuster, and we're painting our characters with far broader strokes because we keep our cut scenes short and to the point," said Bleszinski. "Our dialogue is snappy and we cut to the chase. We don't have the time necessarily to pontificate on who this guy is for 20 minutes at the opening of the game, because the player picks up the controller and he wants to get in and he wants to get action right from the get-go. So that's what we give the players, and over the course of the game, you start to get to know these guys a little better and you have a better sense of who they are."

Gears of War 2 will focus on action, but there's more to the game this time around than cheesy summer movie popcorn dialogue.

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