D4 coming to PC

SWERY confirms Xbox One Exclusive is headed to PC - Via Twitter

DarkOcelet3370d ago

I knew it. I said it along time ago that D4 will come to PC. And i am pretty sure it will come to PS4 later on.

But this is amazing news because i wanted to play this game so bad.

Deadly Premonition was a masterpiece in storytelling so i am sure this wont disappoint.

MightyNoX3370d ago

You really can't blame SWERY. The game sold 40(?)-50k. They need to release it on PC to recoup some of the losses at least.

Sunset Overdrive will be next. Quote this post.

Volkama3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

Where are you pulling those numbers from? Given that the game was only released digitally, and was free for a month on Games with Gold, I'm guessing it's nowhere too pleasant...

And what's this about blame? Games coming to more platforms is good. It doesn't diminish the Xbox version in any way, and hopefully increases the chances we'll see the remaining episodes developed.

Sunset Overdrive releasing on PC would also be good news. Any of the above releasing on the PS4 would be good news too as far as I'm concerned.

Crimzon3370d ago

I would love to see Sunset Overdrive come to PC. I've been dying to play the game ever since it launched last year.

Transistor3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )


Swery himself, on twitter I believe. The game sold like 5k first couple weeks. Microsoft pulled a surprise release with no store front advertising. So it was buried and didn't do well.

As for Sunset Overdrive, I think it'll be announced at E3 for PC. It didn't sell well either.

Volkama3370d ago

@Transistor thanks, a quick google search shows Swery does indeed tweet about numbers. In January this year he confirmed D4 had been downloaded over a million times.

I'm sure a lot of those were thanks to Games with Gold, but it still doesn't really validate the numbers from MightyNoX...

freshslicepizza3370d ago

japanese game sold poorly on the xbox is not surprising. the people who did buy it say it's a very good game and works well with kinect but isn't mandatory. i'll try it out on the pc but i'm not sure if it will ever go to the ps4 because microsoft was involved in publishing it.

it's nice to see the pc get more and more japanese support.

Transistor3370d ago


I'm glad Microsoft added it in on GWG, that's great for Swery it at least got a million downloads. Thanks, didn't know that.

Insomnia_843370d ago

Man, it really is hard to believe whenever a Xbox executive says "Xbox One Exclusive".

DevilOgreFish3370d ago

This game was made for kinect, the whole game switches to QTEs when you don't have the device. Xbox one is still the better choice to play this game, but this is still nice to hear for PC gamers.

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disgaeapuchi3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

Maybe not PS4 because Microsoft Studios published and funded the game's development.

Consider that lot of Xbox One digital games are seeing their PC release on Windows 10 with cross-buy support for XBO/Win10 -- easy way for MS to push their new platform, and also come up with a compelling alternative to Valve's Steam Monopoly.

As nice as a PS4 release would be for those without a PC or One, it just isn't feasible.

DarkOcelet3370d ago

Correct me if i am wrong but wasnt Deadly Premonition an X360 exclusive and then got a directors cut on both PS3 and PC?

All i am saying is that even though D4 will go to PC, its best for them to release it on the PS4 because it will sell there more than PC and more than Xone.

freshslicepizza3370d ago

deadly premonition was not published by microsoft, this game is and so is sunset overdrive. doesn't mean it will never happen coming to the ps4 but unlikely.

SniperControl3370d ago

"Consider that lot of Xbox One digital games are seeing their PC release on Windows 10 with cross-buy support for XBO/Win10 -- easy way for MS to push their new platform, and also come up with a compelling alternative to Valve's Steam Monopoly"

Valid question here, but what kind of price is MS going to charge for these cross-buy games?

Traditionally, console versions of games are higher priced than there PC counterparts, all i can see is MS charging over inflated console prices for PC games as ea do with pc games on origin.

MS wont be able to match steam prices and will ultimately drive gamers into Steam's arms.

freshslicepizza3370d ago


who says valve controls the prices? it is likely the publishers of the game that green light those sales. xbox live has also have massive discounts on some games too so it's not like steam are the only ones who have cheaper games.

yes traditionally console game prices are higher because of licensing fees and the hardware makers want money to help recoup hardware costs (including research and development). what i have noticed is new games are often the same price on steam as they are on consoles.

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disgaeapuchi3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

Re: Last comment

Deadly Premonition's development had nothing to do with Microsoft, it was a third party game which was originally multiplatform -- the original Japanese release (called Red Seeds Profile) was released on 360 and PS3.

When Aksys Games decided to bring it to the west, they only brought the 360 version over. Then the Director's Cut happened by way of Rising Star Games. Neither Microsoft or Sony put a penny in the game's development, marketing or publishing.

D4, by comparison, is by all intents and purposes a first-party Microsoft game, 100% published, marketed and funded by Microsoft Studios.

Now, if you were Microsoft and you just invested a lot of money into your game, you're not exactly going to release that game on the PS4, especially when you have old Windows and Windows 10 to port your game to. It'd be like expecting Sony to put Journey on Xbox 360 back in the PS3 days.

While I too think it'd be great for D4 to land on as many platforms as possible, it's just not going to happen. I hope the PC version supports Kinect though, as apparently D4 is one of the few games that is "better with Kinect".

Edit: I find it amusing that this post received a disagree -- I'm not sure how you can disagree with facts, but there you go. The only part of my post which is opinion is the final paragraph...

OmegaShen3370d ago

You do Microsoft has done that before right? Wasn't Mass Effect 1? An they even put their games on Nintendo systems.

DarkOcelet3370d ago

Oh, i didnt know that. Thanks for the insight. Although i do hope it comes to the PS4. Swery games needs to be recognized.

That guy could seriously be the next Kojima. He is really a genius.

Rookie_Monster3370d ago


Mass Effect 1 was different. Bioware was bought out by EA and MS made a deal with EA to have Mass Effect 2 as a 1 yr exclusive on Xbox 360 in exchange for them to have publishing rights of MASS effect 1 on another console.

So the chances of seeing D4 on PS4 is slim to none just like you won't be seeing Ori on another console.

Meltic3370d ago

Yeah and soon sunset overdrive too

rawrock3370d ago

Sunset Overdive is so good, my game of the year for 2014.

Volkama3370d ago

Sounds good. Personally I would like to see Forza Horizon 2 and/or Forza 6 as well.

rawrock3370d ago

No way this will go to PS4...

DarkOcelet3370d ago

Oh well, if it did, then cool. If it didnt then ok too. But lets wait and see.

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lelo2play3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

Seriously!... what's the point of having a X1 if it's exclusives keep releasing on the PC?
... but since Microsoft doesn't care, then release Sunset Overdrive on the PC :)

As for D4, I hope they finish the story. I hate it when developers don't finish the story in one game... same goes with books, hate it when writers don't finish their story in one book.

Foehammer3367d ago

"If you were holding out for a PS4 port, it’s not completely impossible, but Swery says it’s as likely as Microsoft and Sony merging."


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noxeven3370d ago

This game isn't even finished. I don't believe its even up to episode 3. So no surprise they are gonna release on other platforms.

Volkama3370d ago

Only the first episode so far, which included the prologue and a couple of chapters I think?

It's an odd one for me, because I only play episodic games when the final episode releases. I prefer to have the whole thing available to play at my own pace. I paid for D4 anyway and haven't played it at all. I know Microsoft are all about the numbers so there won't be any more episodes if it flops.

I hope we get some confirmation that more episodes are in development, as I've seen no signs of it yet.