Freedom Wars vs. Soul Sacrifice Delta vs. Toukiden Kiwami: Whats the Best Hunter on the PS Vita?

The PS Vita is chock full of games from the hunter genre. However, which title is the best and which is worth spending your money on. The VitaBoys versus series takes a look at three of the best hunters on the PS Vita and shows which reigns supreme. So which hunter is the best, Freedom Wars, Soul Sacrifice Delta, or Toukiden Kiwami. The VitaBoys show you.

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Rob72741321d ago

Toukidens my favourite.

ZaWarudo1321d ago

They're all good, but Soul Sacrifice Delta is my favorite. Great story and lore.

slinky1234561321d ago

I have to disagree with Freedom Wars replayability. It is the worse in that aspect because the missions don't very much when you go on in the story, and the enemies are mostly the same. It makes grinding in the game that much more difficult.

HentaiMasterRace1321d ago

Toukiden Kiwami or Soul Sacrifice Delta IMO. Freedom Wars was good but not like those two.