The Witcher 3 Will Look "Very Pretty" On Consoles; "Will Have An Amazing Time Playing It" Says Dev

Level designer at CD Projekt Red 'Miles Tost' talks about how the console versions of The Witcher 3 will look "very pretty" on all platforms. According the designer fans will have an amazing time playing it.

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DarkOcelet1321d ago

Would it hurt to show it once before its release?

I mean its already being advertised for the Xone, then why not show it on the Xone?

You guys already said its beautiful on the Xone/PS4. Then show us!

T9001321d ago

Well developers almost always show the best version of the game when trying to hype it.

Cant blame CDProjekt for not showing a console version. Though yea people might be disappointed if the differences between what is shown and what they achieve on console is too great.

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BeefCurtains1321d ago

I want to upgrade my GPU for this game so bad for Ultra! But I'm committed to waiting until at least July, because I'd rather wait for Oculus Rift and pair that with a GPU instead (3D, two images at 2k and 90FPS??? I'm going to melt a credit card!). That's assuming Oculus makes an announcement this summer.

But I don't know if I can wait.

Taero1320d ago

@1.1.2 Occulus release has slipped back to 2016 last I heard (here's a link, I don't know if there's a newer one)

Genuine-User1321d ago

They're just taking the mick at this point.

Psychotica1321d ago

Who is Mick and why are they taking him?

Taero1320d ago

@1.2.1 Because they've already taken the Michael so he was the next logical one.

Transistor1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

CDPR cancelled the Witcher 1 on Xbox because the code wasn't up to their standards and dedicated a lot of time to the Witcher 2 on Xbox to make sure it ran properly.

I wouldn't worry too much about the console versions. CDPR are genuinely good hearted people, who make games. The only differences will be the norm.

PC>PS4>Xbox One. Depending on your PC, obviously.

Which shouldn't surprise anyone.

ThePope1321d ago

You know 99% of people that makes games are good hearted. Which shouldn't suprise anyone. It's the suits that sometimes make companies look bad. It's not different than gamers. 99% are great but the rest are black hearted folk.

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awi59511321d ago

Witcher 2 was just dropped i didnt see much of it but i loved the first one so i was going to buy it. Also im buying off because they get the money direct like that.

Pixelart1321d ago

Now look who's a console begger. How fascinating.

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ArchangelMike1321d ago

The graphical standard of this game is so high already on consles that it already is the best looking open world RPG on consoles to date. It has already set that graphical standard on consoles, and I really don't think anyone has anything to worry about in that regard. Yes the PC will look better, but that's just extra icing on an already delicious looking cake.

C'mon, we all know why CDPR are showing ultra high quality PC footage - they want to show the game at its absolute best. But the fact is that the ultra high PC footage will still sell more consoles copies. I played the last two Witcher games on PC, but I'll be getting this on the PS4, simply because my PC still can't run The Witcher 2 on ulta high settings. So it definately won't be able to run this game as well as my PS4 can :)

BartMoons1321d ago

They are building the hype for sure. Seriously though I think they don't want to dissapoint now that they have shown the PC version in ultra HD. If you compare this to the console versions you might argue on the quality. See first then judge I guess.

DarkOcelet1321d ago

Well, they did say they havent shown the Ultra settings yet. So i am pretty sure minds will be blown at reveal even though it already looks mind blowing as it is.

BartMoons1321d ago

weren't ultra settings shown on some previews now uploaded on Youtube?

DarkOcelet1321d ago

Well according to CDProjeckt. Nope, Ultra settings are yet to be seen.

BartMoons1321d ago

Alright thanks for the heads up! A while back the dev stated the high settings on PC compared to the quality on the PS4

Bolts1321d ago

Lol here we go with the compared to high settings on the PC lies again. Both Dragon Age and Dying Light were supposed to be comparable to high settings on the PC. That's what marketing liars told us. Then when I went to play them on the PC with high settings I found that the PC "high" settings freaking crushes the PS4 version. We're talking about huge jump in texture quality and that's not even mentioning 60+ FPS gameplay and effects that are missing from the console version.

No wonder they're not showing the console version.

mad-dog1321d ago

Well, Dev says a lot of things ;P.

Maxor1321d ago

Yeah, it looks so pretty on consoles that all of the press materials and previews are all played on high end gaming PCs!

Considering the length they went to suppress console footage, the downgrade must be crippling indeed. I'm officially worried.

LifeInNZ1321d ago

Well maybe if fanboys didnt jump on every pixel or blade of grass that differs between versions developers would be more forthcoming. Honestly, rivalry is one thing but the hate that is being exhibited this gen is plain right disgusting.

I wonder how much fanboy drivil we'd all be spared if people had to post any comments using their real identity.

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