Why Steam Workshop paid Mods took an arrow to the knee

MWEB GameZone writes: "Aaand it's gone! Was the paid mod addition an 'evil', money hungry ploy, or a noble cause to further game development?"

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HanCilliers1271d ago

I'm in two minds about it, so all I'll say is kudos to Valve for trying something, and well played on refunding customers.

Sillicur1271d ago

I think Valve, with their swift action to rectify the situation, has proven yet again that they have the best interest of the gaming community at heart.

lord zaid1271d ago

Valve tried something. It didn't take. They walked away.
Happy ending.

CongoKyle1271d ago

GabeN has enough money. I'm going with noble cause to further game development.

Sillicur1271d ago

Exactly! Good guy Gaben all the way for me!