TF2's Robin Walker disapproves Instant-Respawn

TF2's Robin Walker shares his opinion on Instant Respawn servers.

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BigKev453747d ago

I "disapprove" of this story. This isn't news.

TheIneffableBob3747d ago

Yes it is.

I agree with Robin Walker's gameplay philosophy. Instant respawn really screws with the map balance and just ends up in stalemates. The 15-second respawn allows for adequate time to capture a point before reinforcements arrive, thus keeping things flowing. People play instant-respawn servers because they don't like waiting, but the small wait actually makes a big difference in the gameplay and is there for the better. The only scenario I can think of where instant-respawn can work is on CTF maps.

funkeystu3747d ago

I also have to agree with Robin, the timers are so key to the map's balance that removing them really screws with outcome of a match. It can work fine with certain custom maps, but for the valve created ones it usually doesn't work.

I approve - It's news to me ^.^

solar3747d ago

i also agree with Robin. Vanilla servers ftw.

nirun3747d ago

blahhhhhh i loved the respawn time, pure domination. then people just rape instant respawn and switch classes to lame you in any way possible =\