Just Cause 3 Official Pre-Order Details And Trailer

Pre-Order bonus details for Just Cause 3.

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TheGavofWar1294d ago

this does look like it will be tons of fun

DarkOcelet1294d ago

Yup, Micheal Bay would be jealous of all the awesome explosions.

avengers19781294d ago

Tethering a car to a helicopter... Yum yes please.

subtenko1294d ago

A few concerns of mine are:
1. I want a first person mode, makes it more intense
2. I hope its not JUST the same setting as JC2
3. Some interior buildings & stores please
4. Make the world more lively, not just pretty, ALIVE
5. Online would be nice, I mean JC2 Online had crazy support.
6. Better police/Army system, they kinda sucked in JC2...

Fishy Fingers1294d ago

Might be the nostalgia but visually looks very similar to JC2 on PC. I've had so much fun with 2, especially with all the mods I'll probably pick this up.

decrypt1294d ago

Really wanted to try JC2 with mods on PC, but just so many games to play had no time to check it out. I hope JC3 is just as moddable as the last game.

Crummybear1294d ago

I'm ready but surely this or Mad Max will be delayed. Both games look like fun, stylish, mayham!

DarkOcelet1294d ago

I doubt it will be delayed.

Hell, they even made it from 4th Sept to 1st Sept.

That means going toe to toe with MGSV. I really hope it amazing because it looks really awesome.

gatormatt801294d ago

I doubt either will be delayed also. They have different publishers for each game. Mad Max is a WB game and JC3 is Square Enix. Must be a good time to be an Avalanche employee, lots of work to go around.

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