Just Cause 3 Trailer Contains No Scripting, Says Avalance

Avalanche Studios on Twitter: "The JustCause3 trailer contains no scripting, just cool camera angles and gameplay. You can do it all in the game, if you're good enough."

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MasterCornholio1297d ago

That sounds pretty cool. Can't wait to wait it once I get home.

P.S Typo alert lol. Avalanche not avalance.

WeAreLegion1297d ago

These games don't need scripting.

freshslicepizza1297d ago

no, and that's what bugs me about graphically demanding games. they are often scripted because of hardware limitations.

subtenko1297d ago

I still need to hear more on JC3 concerning:
1. I want a first person mode, makes it more intense
2. I hope its not JUST the same setting as JC2
3. Some interior buildings & stores please
4. Make the world more lively, not just pretty, ALIVE
5. Online would be nice, I mean JC2 Online had crazy support.
6. Better police/Army system, they kinda sucked in JC2...

favulous__shinx1297d ago

what if they introduced a video editor mode just like in GTA IV and V ?