Xenoblade Chronicles X's First DLC Announced; Screenshots, Video & Beautiful Wallpapers Released

Today Nintendo released a batch of new screenshots, information and a video on Xenoblade Chronicles X, which is just a few hours from its Japanese release.

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KryptoniteTail1367d ago

Gotta love DLC they could release with the game instead.

Yi-Long1367d ago

Hopefully the DLC that's now coming out in Japan will simply be included with the western release.

wonderfulmonkeyman1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

The DLC isn't released yet. It's post-release content, not content cut from the main game to sell later.

Ya'll need to freaking read before assuming they're doing things wrong, especially considering their overall positive record with DLC.
You've also got to consider that this extra content will also need translating into the English version, which they may not prioritize if it means extending the stateside release date.

In either case, this is post release content.
Not stuff meant for the opening release.
Not content cut from the main game.

And if we're following the same prices the article is quoting, that means for less than $20, (it states $16) you'll be getting all 7 packs, which include 4 new recruit characters, 8 new arts (2 per pack in each character pack), three new mech blueprints, a new weapon type, and a whopping total of THIRTY new quests across all of DLC combined.

That's a lot of content for that price, just like Mario Kart.

KryptoniteTail1367d ago

Am I in Japan? No. If this DLC isn't included for us then it's day 1 DLC to me.

GordonKnight1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

I agree with you that Nintendo does give us more with DLC. The only problem that I have with the DLC is it opens more characters, arts, and mechs. These should be included with the game. The DLC should simply add more side quests with a separate story that takes place in a new continent to explore. IMO That would be the best DLC option for this game.

wonderfulmonkeyman1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

@ Gordon
Following that logic, CoD should have all its map packs from the start.
It doesn't work that way.

No, it won't be.
Know why?
Because, just like Japan, if it isn't released alongside the game, it'll take a bit after the release of the game over here before it's made available to us, due to the time it'll take to translate it.

You're assuming it'll be day 1 DLC when it was NEVER DEVELOPED IN A WAY THAT QUALIFIES as such, and Nintendo doesn't have a track record of it.
You need to quit misusing the term. This is content made post release, not content cut from the main game.
That doesn't change no matter where you live.

_-EDMIX-_1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

"Not content cut from the main game"

You work on the game bud? I don't really know that, no one does other then the team and I doubt they will be up front about such information.

Even if the game is released after the DLC in japan comes out, they will clearly charge for the DLC anyway, they are doing it to make money, not add free content.

@Gordon- " agree with you that Nintendo does give us more with DLC. The only problem that I have with the DLC is it opens more characters, arts, and mechs. These should be included with the game"

Not really. They've yet to do DLC long term compared to other publishers to actually know that bud and DICE does a crazy amount of support post launch for the BF series.

and how exactly do you know it was ever going to be in the final game? Do you not fully get why its actually being made? Its being made to be sold....thats it.

They don't work for free. That content was made to be sold, it wasn't made just for giggles and laughs, people work to produce that content.

Sooooo no, it shouldn't be included in the final game.

Extra content means extra cost. Would you work for free?

Why ask for some fries when you JUST bought a burger? Oh because I'm making fries I "should" include it?

How about you actually pay for the content provided as suppose to assuming your entitled to some content just because it was made. If I wrote a book and released it and you found in my room some chapters that didn't make it in the book, is that yours too?

I don't get it? Are you buying the game or the damn studio?

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rawrock1367d ago

Looking forward to this!

bouzebbal1367d ago

this article came like a cold shower to me...
i'm not getting this game day one anymore.. gonna wait for the complete version instead.
I can't accept DLC being revealed before release. No way i will surrender to this scam.
Nintendo aren't getting my money on this one, yet!

Summons751367d ago

You do realize that it IS out in Japan right? So your entire argument is just dumb. Hopefully Nintendo will include it for the Western release if its out by then if not there is still OVER 300 HOURS OF GAMEPLAY, stop acting entitled to doc they started after development was done.

bouzebbal1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

out in japan?
i dont live in Japan and it's not out where i live.
my argument is still very valid. if you dont understand simple words i suggest you give my post another go, slowly this time!
If this game gets released without DLCs it will be a no buy like many other games i boycott due to this.
they better release the complete edition day one in the west.
if you enjoy being a pigeon it's all good for you.. rhoo rhoo rhoo

Summons751367d ago

Fine don't buy it, the only one losing out will be you. The game has been finished for a while so them starting on DLC after to support the game is a logical step. You can have a fit all you want but I'd rather them start DLC after they finish the game than cut it out of the game. Bet you had a fit when Mario Kart had DLC too.

wonderfulmonkeyman1367d ago

Dude, this is not content developed and ready before the game released.
Nor is it content cut from the game to sell later.
Being announced doesn't make it ready, and Nintendo's got a pretty damned good track record with DLC.
You need to read the article again, because this isn't Nintendo pulling a Destiny.

LOL_WUT1366d ago

How is talking about DLC before the game launches, good?

This was widely known before the Japanese release. I don't see how it's ok for Nintendo to do it but wrong if 3rd parties, Sony or Microsoft let it happen ;)

benji1011366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

Dont get angry with the warriors man. The game went gold 6 weeks ago, the dlc was not announced 7 months ago as a pre order bonus. The dlc is legit these idiots just want to hate on anything Nintendo. These same people probably preorder everything for their console of choice, just to get a "free gun" etc.,

Concertoine1366d ago

Nintendo was good with DLC...

The new fire emblem has some BS DLC practices imo

mamotte1366d ago

Well... good look finding a company that actually doesnt do this these days.

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Maybay1367d ago

The DLC will be releasing in ''may,'' so it isn't day 1 DLC.

4 new characters (all voiced)
New blueprints for skells
new blueprint for items (that includes fashion accessories)
30 new quests

$15-$20 for all, or you can buy them individually.

tinkypop1367d ago

Thought people kept bitching about Nintendo, should get with the times.
Nintendo now announced Future DLC..
People still crying.
Should it be cut content DLC to make you all fill warm and safe?
Or a game that runs at 18 fps. But is 1080p.
Or we can go all out and not test the game at all,
now that would be Nintendo getting with the times..

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