Final Fantasy XV Devs Talk Communication with Fans & Feedback:“We’re Starting to Operate Like a MMO”

During the latest Active Time Event broadcast, Final Fantasy XV Game Director Hajime Tabata and Marketing Division Manager Akio Ofuji talked about the way the team is taking in feedback from the fans and communicating with them.

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KryptoniteTail1267d ago

Then take this feedback; turn-based combat.

DarkOcelet1267d ago

They cant just turn the game around this easy. FFXVI might be turn-based again but we need to accept this game on what it is. And it looks pretty good and many people liked the gameplay so whats wrong here?

Maybe when they release the demo for everyone and you to get to play it, you might actually like it my friend.

kingdomtriggers1267d ago

Turn based final fantasy games are way toooo easy except in the optional bosses. With Tabata confirming difficulty options, this game may actually be one of the few final fantasy games that can pose a challenge. Also action rpgs can be just as strategic as turn based games. get gud.

KryptoniteTail1267d ago

Final Fantasy isn't some FPS to push you to your physiological limits, damn it. It is art. Nobody who is a true fans gives half a S*** that Final Fantasy is generally average difficulty. And no. Action games cannot ever achieve the same level of tactical depth as turn-based. It just will not, can not happen.

@DarkOcelot: I don't care if this FFXV is the best game I ever played, I wont let Square know until XVI is released turn-based. I won't give the message that this is an acceptable future for the series. Unlucky XIII started this downward spiral in full force (arguably XII did spark it) d here we are. FFXVI will be a damn FPS, I know it.

Adrian_v011267d ago


but FFXIII hat still the atb time system which most of the FF games used...

Magicite1267d ago

I hope mainline FF games will never be turn-based again, it just doesnt feel right anymore.

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SilverClock1267d ago

I loved the combat system of FF XII. I have yet to find a battle system I like better.

RpgSama1267d ago

We have a lot of JRPGS coming that are going to be turn based, they could even make FFXVI turn based for all we know, I'm a big supporter of changing things up from game to game, even FFXIII had a different but really good battle gameplay (about the only good thing in the game, that and the art direction, everything else was a convoluted mess).

If this game will make not only a great game, but also a great Final Fantasy game it will not be because the Battles are turn based or this more active approach, it will be because it will have a great story, a great world and more importantly, great characters.

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