New Metal Gear Timeline Page and More

According to MGJP, a new Metal Gear history page has added to the MGSV official site. Also, there is a "Metal Gear" series on sale campaign going on via Japan PSN to anticipate "MGSV: The Phantom Pain" coming on September 2nd (Japan).

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007771272d ago

lol yes we need his own timeline page :)

Captain_Wormy1271d ago

Pretty sure Portable Ops is canon. Why isn't it on the timeline?

SolidGear31271d ago

Kojima disregards it as being canon

hkgamer1271d ago

kojima says that it wasnt fully canon.

2 points why i think he says it isnt canon:

meeting with gray fox
flying metal gears

SovereignSnaKe1271d ago

So Null *was* Frank Jaeger but Big Boss didn't actually meet him until years later? He was a boss fight in Portable Ops if memory serves? I really did enjoy that game as a portable title.

hkgamer1271d ago

@sovereign snake

those are my personal assumptions. i will have to check the timelines again but that isnt suppose to be how they met. kojima said that he will need to change the timeline details again because of mgsV. maybe we will get a clearer understanding when top comes out and how much of portable ops is canon

PhoenixUp1271d ago

Kojima you used images from MPO in MGS4. Admit wholeheartedly its canon already

007771271d ago

Because Kojima didn't write the game's story...