Japan Lines Up For... Blue Dragon & XBOX 360!?

Photos of gamers standing in line to buy the XBox 360 Blue Dragon bundle. It's like having two launch days instead of one.

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power of Green 5949d ago (Edited 5949d ago )

The Japanese like them some Lost Planet aswell, they kick ass at it also. The Japanese are 2nd only to Americans in the LP lobby's.

Antan5949d ago

200,000 with ease!!!!

DixieNormS5949d ago

Easily 200k, it will be funny if they end up selling 1 million copys. Which means 800k more 360's.

dikturbo5949d ago

Is this game slated for a N.A. release?
I have been following the screen shots and videos but not the availability in North America. That blue 360 looks cool.

MS should release a black 360. They'd sell faster than sheet through a goose.

power0919995949d ago

This is going to really really help MS.
Last I knew MS was not well recieved in Japan. I guess this may change that quite a bit.

OC_MurphysLaw5949d ago

While this may not be the be all end all for MS in Japan. It definitely is a great boost for them. This also will really help MS get away from the feeling of being the "shooter" console.

I cannot wait for the US release of this game. Definitely on my must have list.

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The story is too old to be commented.