Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae Feedback Active Time Report Coming Tonight

"Tonight Square Enix will be hosting an Active time report with Hajime Tabata to address the changes and feedback from The Final Fantasy XV demo, the video will be streamed in Japanese but you can view it with English subtitles."

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KingKelloggTheWH1273d ago

I really hope they improve the sword combat, and the dodge mechanics. As they are I just felt underwhelmed, they control what goes on to much! I want more control so I can do more things, and not just magic and other things, in regards to magic I would like to see it actually use MP. I do not want a magic system like the one in Fable 2/3.

benji1011273d ago

You wrote a well constructed criticism of the game. And some sony fanboy just disagreed with you. Worst thing is the person who disagreed with you probably has not even played the game.

I hope they sort out the camera and the combat. I did not play it but from just watching I could tell the combat was not the players control. I want ff15 to be good. I dont own a ps4 but it will be o pc too so I want a good game.

KingKelloggTheWH1273d ago

Thank you sir! And yeah, the game very much takes control rather than the player much of the time, I personally want much more control over the game.

As for the camera, yeah it had problems, the lock on was very glitchy and would just not work half the time.

Blackleg-sanji1273d ago

Wait wtf??? Why did it have to be a Sony fanboy? It's on Xbox one too this place man lol

HiddenMission1273d ago

Played the demo level 97 and no on all fronts. Never lost control of lock're just not as good as you think.

I always had control in fact no game to date gave the player as much control and I've been gaming for almost 30 years on all consoles across all genres spanning all quality of titles AAA to b rated.

It's not a hack n slash but it's vastly superior to any in that field and I've platinumed them all.

Not opinion but actual fact

NoctisPendragon1273d ago

No he is wrong about the magic and the swords.

benji1011273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Hiddenmission are you really saying that you had control over the combat all the time and you were not just pressing a button to launch an animation? Because that is what it looks like.
Dark souls has combat that is controlled by the player. The cute little animation that launch in the FF15 demo are nice but they are not player controlled. You say "It's not a hack n slash but it's vastly superior to any in that field and I've platinumed them all." I think you are either a liar or a liar. So you think FF15 has better combat than DS or Bloodborne?

Blackleg this site is dominated by Sony fanboys so it is logical that they treat FF15 as their game.

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starcatcher1273d ago

I agree! Combat and camera needs work.
Demo was solid, however aot of work needs to be done
. Makes me feel like we won't see this game until
mid 2016 or early 2017. I've waited 9 years.
I'll wait 2 more for them to make a wonderful product.

NoctisPendragon1273d ago

You can control everything in the Sword combat , you just need to learn how to pull out any Sword you want (wich is simple).

Eiyuuou1273d ago

I hope it'll be a bit more fast paced and more responsive. The melee felt a bit clunky at times.

And then there's the camera/lock-on. It needs work...

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animegamingnerd1273d ago

hope they improve the toturial cause its was pretty poor especially when it came to explaining how the lock on worked.

KingKelloggTheWH1273d ago

Did it even say how to do the full lock on?

animegamingnerd1273d ago

that's what talking about with the lock on they didn't explain someone had to point that out to me online.

HiddenMission1273d ago

Yes it did and the tutorial was well done.

Too many complaints from mediocre players who stick to just RPG's or fps's. Not trying to be mean just feel that your opinion is one based from a LA k of real gaming experience across a broader gaming sense.

NoctisPendragon1273d ago

Yeah the tutorial is one of they bigest problem , they should do like DMC.

Agent_hitman1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

I might get disagrees by saying this. But, I was expecting FF15 Episode Duscae to blow the gaming industry by the release of it's most anticipated demo earlier this year.

But it seems that the demo was lucklaster and boring in many areas, even the views on YT wasn't that impressive. Maybe some of the fans were already tired of waiting for this game and instead they switched on other genres. If my speculation is right, then SE should be the one to blame by delaying this game trillion times. Which leads to some speculation that this game might not reach SE's expections once this game is released.

That's a bad sign!

Even I, myself is no longer interested in this game anymore, they have completely changed everything from the characters's design of Noctis, Stella and whatnot. The original plan was better, being lead by Nomura.

Actually I didn't know that Episode Duscae was already 'live' if not because of that Ramuh viral video a month ago. But still the views aren't that impressive compared to other games on YT.

I was referring to FF15's popularity, you can easily determine if a game is shaping up to become the best if it has at least millions of views on YT like GTA V. But unfortunately, FF15 has failed to reach that.. And that's a bad sign. Maybe the fans are already tired of waiting for this game. Period

kingdomtriggers1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Idk what you're talking about. Type 0 sold around 800,000 copies worldwide mostly due to FFXV. Also its a demo for a game coming out in 1-2 years, its not like most demos that illustrate a finished product.

Lol since when in the hell has final fantasy ever been anywhere near as popular as gta? Just because a game doesn't hit gta popularity doesn't mean it isn't still a big hit.

KingKelloggTheWH1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

The game under Nomura had much more potential and was seemingly just far better.

All Tabata has done is take out features people really wanted, --Character Switching is gone, you only play Noctis now.
--Blood seems to be gone, instead there is an oil like substance.
--Combat is no longer like Kingdom Hearts. Details here.
--World Map seems to be gone, now it seems to be a more western style open world.
--The ability to equip all weapon types is gone, or at least vastly changed so it is not the same (guns and such are out).
--Manual in combat weapon changing seems to have been replaced with decks.
--Character switching Combos are gone(You can combo your attacks across character changes — that is, you can keep your combo going when you switch the character you’re currently controlling.)

--Hitting enemies with your car seems to be gone.

kingdomtriggers1273d ago

Most people who say that don't really know what they are talking about.

averagejoe261273d ago

I disagree.

The early gameplay looked very loose and cheesy. The juggling in the air (way too similar to kingdom hearts), the first person shooter elements, the cliche looking dark city setting.

The new build looks so much better in my opinion. Obviously I couldn't play the original build, but I love where it is now.

I'm happy with the new direction and cannot wait for this epic adventure!

kingdomtriggers1273d ago

Besides character switching literally every change was already confirmed by Nomura. Also Nomura also said that manual weapon switching probably wouldn't be in the game so yeah….
Idk opinions differ I guess. I liked the look of Versus and I like the look of XV.

HiddenMission1273d ago

You're so misinformed I don't know where to start Tabata didn't change anything he's been polishing what Nomura set up. He added to the experience not need to do more research before commenting.

NoctisPendragon1273d ago

Stop missinforming people please.

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Kluv1273d ago

I disagree because my favorite Japanese style RPG on the ps3 is nowhere near "popular." Even after 6 years, it's most viewed video on youtube hasn't even hit 700,000 views yet.
That game is Valkyria Chronicles, and if I like FFXV as much as that, I literally could not ask for more.

Eiyuuou1273d ago

Due to FFXIII it won't have the same popularity for the moment. Too much damage.

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Bollnassoki1273d ago

9 years have been going since they start making this game.. Please give us fans a release date?

Jinryo1273d ago

I think they gonna give us the release date on TGS.

Bollnassoki1268d ago

Aha ok what is it for a site? Do you have the adress there?

starcatcher1273d ago

Hope it adds character switching. All the other Final
fantasy's had it. As for female characters I don't
mind the guest party system. I wonder
if it's reminiscent of kingdom hearts in that aspect too.
let the boys have their road trip so long as its
a memorable one filled with a wonderful story.
We have wonderful Terra from ff6 as a great lead <3
Lightening was lacking.Maybe further down
the line there will be another great female lead.

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