Xenoblade Chronicles X Story is Shorter Than Xenoblade Chronicles

But does that mean it's a shorter game? Not at all.

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BrandanT1360d ago

Story lengths are always different anyway. So there is no reason to complain.

RmanX10001360d ago

Never understood how story length matters. If it's an amazing story isn't that good enough?

If a game's story is only 3 hours long but the story was the most amazing thing in my life, did I really get the short end of the stick? I'd like to think not.

Metallox1360d ago

From a video game perspective, if your story lasts only three hours, it would be bad for me. Because, first of all, both your game and story would never develope properly, it's just not enough time.

Or if there's really a game that lasts 3 hours and has both good story and gameplay, you should tell me its name.

RmanX10001360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

I was saying that length for the sake of example. You're taking it a bit too seriously :P Gameplay can develop just fine in three hours, Shovel Knight comes to mind. And story can too, To The Moon comes to mind. Both are a little less than 3 hours (in my experience) and are both good for what they do. I don't know any specific game that has a really great mix of both in that time span.

Story length is entirely separate from game time anyway. The story of Super Smash Bros Brawl takes about 8 hours but I easily clocked over 2000 hours into that game (I was a very lonely high schooler haha). There may not even be a game that meets the fake 3 hour criteria but like I said, it was just for the sake of example.

Metallox1360d ago

Wasn't that serious, either. Just want to emphasize that polishing both story and gameplay in a video game in a short time-span it's not that easy.

3-4-51360d ago

Not many games like this for any console. Can't wait to play.

3-4-51359d ago

* People realize the MAIN STORY is still going to be like 40-50 hours right ? The side stuff should take another 200+ hours.

Agent_hitman1360d ago

But still, the good thing is, the game is open world. You can explore everything, which in my opinion is good enough for me to purchase this game.

As a matter of fact I was impressed when I saw this game running on Wii U, the system is really capable of running open world like this.

So, I wonder why the 3rd party devs aren't giving a fvck about this system.

rainslacker1360d ago

I'm certainly getting the game. Love Monolith Soft, and still hope for a conclusion to Xenosaga.

As far as why other companies ignore it, it's because the software generally doesn't sell well on the WiiU. Until significant AAA games can achieve that, they won't have the publisher support for those types of games. As of now, only Nintendo released games tend to really have any sort of impact.

RmanX10001360d ago

Devs probably get leery of the WiiU because of the lack of support Nintendo fans give games like Watch Dogs or Call of Duty. So other 3rd parties see that and say "Ehhhh no AAA game for this kid console."

wonderfulmonkeyman1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

Both Watch Dogs and Call of Duty were brought to the console the wrong way: late, with no advertisement push, and content missing from them.
If they couldn't make the Wii U versions good enough to draw people who usually love and follow games like these into getting a Wii U, then why should they expect Wii U owners who bought the system for good exclusives to support them?
Or for that matter, why should they blame Wii U owners, especially since most Wii U owners already have other consoles alongside their Wii U, specifically BECAUSE they know third parties don't do great jobs on their multiplats for Wii U and that they need a second machine for versions of those games that are actually done right?

If they kept making great games without giving up, like they've done for every other console even before they HAD big install bases, maybe they'd actually get the fanbase to trust them enough to support them.

That said, Nintendo needs to contract more games for the system from third parties.
Not ports, just straight up new games, or at least continuations of some we miss.

How long have we been asking for a true sequel to Super Mario RPG, for instance?
Get Squeenix on the phone, Nintendo!

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )


Nintendo wanted a sequel to SMRPG on N64 but SQ refuse and Paper Mario was born. Apparently SQ refuses to developed for N64 after FFVII was ported to PS1 in the awake of Sony bidding third parties.

SQ hasn't made a worthwhile JRPG on a Nintendo console since Chrono Trigger and FFVI.

RmanX10001360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

@wonderful What about Black Ops 2? That released nearly same day as other platforms and still sold abysmally on WiiU. I'm not really blaming Nintendo fans. It's just a fact that a lot of them don't buy or play CoD. It's outrageous expectations from devs that I'm blaming. They expect the same sales from WiiU as PS3 or 360 despite those clearly had established sales and brand recognition in homes before WiiU was even a name. Along with almost no marketing for the WiiU version.

They have been doing that with games like W101, Smash 4 being done by Bamco, SMTxFE, Bayonetta 2, and Hyrule Warriors. Dude, I so hope SMRPG2 becomes a thing. I'd get that day one, no questions asked.

@Otaku what about the Bravely games? I heard those are good.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1360d ago


I meant as far as NES-Wii U goes not Handhelds since SQ supports those heavily with JRPG FF, KH, DQ, TWEWY, Bravely Default and more but refuses to with big successful games on N64, GC, WII and Wii U.

Sure FF Crystal Chronicles may have been something but nothing amazing.

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bangoskank1360d ago

Good. The first one, with side missions included, is so damn long I never got around to finishing it yet, and I got it when it first released in the US.

Xof1359d ago

Yeah. All those fetch quests really ruined the pacing.

wonderfulmonkeyman1360d ago

This might actually be a good thing.
One reason: more customization.

It was mentioned in a previous article that one of the rewards gained after beating the game once, is the ability to customize your look separately from your equipment.
So if you love the stats of something, but don't like the look of it, you get the option to wear that gear while choosing something different cosmetically.

One question does remain, is the after game done?
Do you start from the story's beginning again, or does it just continue from slightly before or after the final boss with the new perks unlocked?

I think we need to investigate this, about a week after its been out in Japan.
Surely some crazy Asian will have blazed through the game by then just to see the end perks.XD

ZeekQuattro1360d ago

I don't have a problem with that. I still haven't beat the last one. I think I am about half way through the game. I just need to start playing it again.

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