Valve Reverses Paid Mods - A Mistake?

BNR: Surprise, everybody: Valve has decided to reverse paid mods; it's no longer possible to purchase items on the Skyrim workshop. This is following the tremendous backlash that Valve received after making it possible to purchase Skyrim mods a few days ago.

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nikrel1267d ago

Donation from the start without a minimum or paywall.

Nio-Nai1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

Very few people donate. So few in fact I find it hilarious that you people keep bringing it up.

Dasteru1267d ago

Just because few people donate, doesn't mean it can't be there anyway. It is a simple feature to implement.

Rachel_Alucard1267d ago

Judging from the item statistics very few people actually bought any mods. If the donation is button is placed on the mod item right on steams interface it will expose the act of donating to a tenfold of more people as opposed to the nexus sites, which has less overall users and you typically have to scroll to the bottom or open the readme in the mod file to even find a link to donate money to them. Convenience is everything with people.

Xristo1267d ago

Really? Nobody would donate? Have you ever been to a Twitch feed... or seen any Humble Bundles? All Valve would have to do is implement a "Top Contributor" feature to these mods, easily seen by the masses. People (heck, businesses) donate just to have their name seen as the Top Contributor.

Perfect example right here!

Dasteru1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )


What do you mean scroll to the bottom or open a read me? The donate link is a clearly visible green button right at the top of the mod page.

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Fireseed1267d ago

What this basically says is "Screw you artists. You have no say whether or not your work has any value."

Once again feeding this mentality in gaming where if anything is sold separately from the game it's supposed to be 100% absolutely free with absolutely no support for the artists making it. Whether it be this, DLC, or microtransactions. All I'm going to say is it should surprise no one when one day the people who put time and effort into making things... just stop.

Nio-Nai1267d ago

Not to mention all of the complaining and moaning they do when the mod doesn't work properly in their list of 100+ other free mods they didn't donate to.

Xristo1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

And to go back to our previous conversation on how you said all modders want money?? Well this just was posted approx 10 minutes ago by the creator of Falskarr on the Steam Workshop. A guy requested to send him money and this is his response:

"Yatagan [author] 5 minutes ago
I was repayed more than I could imagine already so I don't take donations. But please, find another modder you like who does and contribute to them. Thanks for the support! :)"

I'm sure you will come back with that he has been hired already by Bungie. It doesn't change the fact that he doesn't want donations... regardless of his salary (which is probably in the neighborhood of 100k.)

Broken link below. Please fix it.

Nvm... there was a comma that I just deleted at the end of the link... fixed the link.

Nio-Nai1267d ago

Yea, and then the content he asked people to donate to, here hasn't even raised enough money to be published yet.


mkis0071267d ago

That will never happen in a nillion years. There are People who can't help but want to create. true creators cant stop...its in their Blood.

Fireseed1267d ago

So in other words "You're going to do it anyway, so why support you?"


mkis0071267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

No, if something is worth money, I pay for it, but only AFTER I decide it is worth money. Plenty of people make things for free and enjoy doing it.

To be blunt: What makes Creator A, who charges, more deserving than creator B, who does not?

I'm just not certain how your first comment here was arrived at? Of course you don't dictate if your content is worth a price! The people that download your stuff tell you if it is worth it!

Donation button is all they need!

papashango1267d ago

modders never started modding to have people pay for their mods.

They mod for the same reason People build up their car or truck and take it to car shows.

They showcase their work. They get noticed by the community they're involved in. Then if they're good enough they get offered jobs at the companies they dream of working for.

001267d ago

considering modding as been a successful community for decades I don't know why people are suddenly screaming MUH money gives me creative drive.

people made mods to share with others and to make games better for everyone, not cheap DLC that Valve and Bethesda get 75% of the profit.

Fireseed1267d ago

Yeah, and most mods are probably going to stay free. But if I can set a price I'll pull in help. Maybe a few more modelers and animators. Maybe even a writer and make something EPIC! What the profit mods allowed for was to expand modding. But all of you got your panties in a bunch because you were afraid every mod was gonna start costing 4.99 or some crap.

Rachel_Alucard1267d ago


I know you're trolling but Money =/= Quality as witnessed by the industry itself. Look up the Overjustification effect

hiredhelp1267d ago

Cant think who but somebody said the amount of people who signed the petition wasnt enough to make a change.
Guess what PC Crowed actually do talk with our walletts we do speak our minds we do take action and get things changed when really needed this being one of them.
This one them times when im Happy being PC Gamer/Builder (BTW this gas nothin to do with consoles here all PC) I respect any device as a gamer.

Celibrating My 30years this year of Gaming

Father__Merrin1267d ago

your avatar is my desktop background btw. it's great if true that paid mods are finishing, but there more "premium" content mods that could easily pass up as genuine dlc, matey devs could publish them?

hiredhelp1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

They are finished here look..
My avatar thanks yeh have intel cpu but amd gpu.
Ive had many mixes of pc combinations over the years AMD really doing great now.