Konami Slots Delists from the NYSE, What This Could Mean for their Future

Konami took the leap to delist itself from the New York Stock Exchange today, a move that could have severe repercussions for the company's future.

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Marcello1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

WTH !! is going on with Konami ??? have they lost there marbles ??? First Kojima is fired or something ! then they cancel Silent Hills now this. Its like a total meltdown.

Are they going Bankrupt ?? Hostile takeover but by who, this is getting really odd now.

Nitrowolf21268d ago

You know, i've been chatting with my friends about this before some of the reported rumors came out today, and we pretty much assumed it's because Konami just doesn't care about their gaming division and other low profit parts of their company. Sounds like they are just getting rid of what they don't see fit anymore, despite their legacy behind those studios.

I've come to accept that, so yes they are 'suicidal' in a sense that they are pretty much killing off their fanbase.

If that is true, it'll be interesting to see if they have the guts to give up their IP's or if they are gonna sit their and focus on mobile and be jerks with consoles and pc gaming

Marcello1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

That could be why but why remove Kojima`s name from the MGS5 boxart, its like saying no to money there already guaranteed of getting.

Nitrowolf21268d ago

Who knows tbh
for all we know it could have been Kojima request, if rumors are true and he is now a contractor along with his studio, I can see why they might want to distant themselves. Then again, 5 hats unlikely

Brotard1268d ago

Maybe Sony should offer a buyout? Or if they do go under sweep up their assets and intellectual properties! That would be exciting,

morganfell1267d ago

Where are those people that still think this is a publicity stunt?

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idlet1268d ago

Financial troubles might be part of the story. This piece goes over some of the worrying numbers (like billions of yen in investments with only a fraction of return) and why they might have lead to the recent news.

rainslacker1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

I actually have to admit, delisting from a stock exchange means something huge is going on. I think there is a lot more going on here than people know, and Kojima's departure is just a very small piece of the puzzle.

Delisting is a huge red flag that a company is about to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. With that comes either shutting down completely, or huge amounts of restructuring...something that they're already doing by centralizing it's development teams. Konami may actually be much worse off than everyone initially assumed...even before the whole Kojima fiasco.

It's highly possible that Konami is going to completely leave the video game industry, or refocus itself completely on another part of the being my guess. And it's also possible they could be shutting down completely, which means a complete sell off. I know people hate Konami right now, but that could be a very bad thing, because while it seems awesome that some of their good IP's could end up in the right hands, the reality is is that they rarely do. Just look at THQ a few years ago...where are their old IP's now and what games do we have to show for them?

3-4-51267d ago

* Konami will end up being just a small mobile company 2 years from now, with maybe 5-10 people total.

^ Gaming division

Kidmyst1267d ago

I'm hoping for a Fox Die Studios spin off, Kojima takes Konami's developers and heads up a new spin off studio. I doubt that would happen though.

TrollsBringer1267d ago

That's what greed does to companies.

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animegamingnerd1268d ago

it means what we've all been thinking they're suicidal.

pwnsause_returns1268d ago

The focus on those panchinko machines is real!!!!!!

Marcello1268d ago

anyone up for a game of Lucky Hit ?? :)

OrangePowerz1268d ago

Usually yes, but right now I don't have time. I'm looking for some sailors, but maybe later.

Marcello1267d ago

Your looking for sailors? they hang out in bars.

Brotard1268d ago

I think they are going to focus on yugioh exclusively lol

RiPPn1268d ago

How the CEO hasn't been removed is beyond belief..

OrangePowerz1268d ago

Good question. Usually the Japanese market is much better at getting rid of CEOs that don't perform well compared to the west. It could be that the shareholders of Konami don't care about their gaming devision.

rainslacker1268d ago

I know this is bad, but it's entirely possible this move could make the current investors a lot of money depending on what the end game here is. The biggest investors are typically the board or the board is made up of people who represent those investors as opposed to the company itself, which is why CEO's who do poorly often keep their jobs if the board, or those they represent, can make a ton of money with little effort.

Delisting isn't good, but it also doesn't mean the end. This whole thing could have been done to make some major change at Konami that would be impossible to do on a free exchange which are heavily regulated.

Seraphim1268d ago

because the CEO is the founder...... They've pushing for legalized gambling in Japan and should that happen the owner [CEO] has a substantial amount to gain and w/o share holders to pay.... Even in the US Konami machines are found in Casinos. I know we have a handful+ here.

I imagine the only real travesty here is going to be seeing Konami making some half ass Castlevania, MGS & so on in the future. Quicker development times, less $ spent, eventually the sad truth is that they're realize quick and easy does not equal profitable. At least not in these regards as I don't see fans biting annually on MGS like other franchises should Konami go that route on their own

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