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DarkBlood1272d ago

Damn i knew it was going to be removed but that was fast

JackOfAllBlades1272d ago

I know right, good on them for a fast response.

DarkOcelet1272d ago

If only the same thing happened when DLC was first announced.

Games would have been sold as a complete product at launch.

abstractel1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

I think some of you misunderstand the value of DLC. The cynicism of the internet assumes DLC is all about greed but as usual there's a mixture of greedy developers and developers who use DLC to bring players more content they wouldn't have been able to otherwise.

For most developers, making games isn't a huge money making business. DLC is most of the time budgeted for, even when included on disc.

If they knew they couldn't calculate extra income based on the DLC, it wouldn't even been included on disc in the first place.

MKX, the most hated DLC related game of late, is a full game on its own right without the four DLC characters and the "Kombat pack". It has lots of characters, and tonnes of SP and MP modes. There's been no DLC out yet, and I've loved my time with the game. I'm excited I'll have the chance to experience more.

Making big budget games is a risk. Yoshida said 3 out of their 10 big budget games make a profit, but those 3 games fortunately make enough to support the 7 others. And they don't know what 3 games are going to be the ones who are successful other than educated guesses, so you can't use that as an argument either.

Don't forget that Sony are the ones that took a risk with Demon Souls, a game that before release people weren't excited for. The excitement grew with word of mouth, and now it's a very successful series.

Anthotis1272d ago

I'm glad that stEAm saw the light.

HammadTheBeast1272d ago

The only reason they backpedalled was because the money they were spending just replying to and dealing with emails was more than the money they got from mods initially.

TFJWM1272d ago

I have to agree with thunderbear about DLC to some degree. People seem to forget the price of a new game has not gone up in years but production goes up every year as does inflation. What would be worse for the game industry, $80 new games or DLC?

cmgs1272d ago

@thunderbear Maybe that cynicism is because every major publisher has done nothing but abuse the dlc. Original maps being cut down from game to be sold later and as a result splitting the playerbase, games being released with less and less content, releasing the end of a 20 hour game as a 3-4 hour dlc, releasing premium version so that standard player gets the worst possible connection to servers... It goes like that.

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Alexander1Nevermind1272d ago

Yeah I was thinking it would be a month or two b4 they caved.

TheFanboySlayer1272d ago

Agreed. Rejoice..HALLELUJAH!!! God does exist.

NiteX1272d ago

All praise the mighty and all-powerful Gaben!

-Foxtrot1272d ago


Oh you mean the guy who most likely passed this off in the first place and then tried to defend the decisions in a lengthy reddit interview.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1272d ago

Gaben is satin. He tried to trick us, but we are god of their world, we determine their profits, and indirectly, their actions.

SilentNegotiator1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )


I love satin. All hail satin.

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gamernova1272d ago

Us PC gamers are as OP in creating change as our systems are.

ChrisW1272d ago

I actually logged in to Steam and checked the Skyrim Workshop to verify. Just simply seeing, with my own eyes, that "Paid Mods" category being gone made me giddy!

Takwin1272d ago

I have so much popcorn ready I'm not sure what to do.

-Foxtrot1272d ago

That's right Valve...don't f*** with us

ritsuka6661272d ago

Valve on the other hand releases something like this which is widely hated and works against the community so they immediately turn around and remove it.

It's too bad other companies like EA, Ubisoft, Activision, and more won't ever learn from these examples.

DOMination-1272d ago

Wow.. I actually didn't think it would happen as i saw Valve as losing touch with the company they were 5 years ago but seemslike they listened so big credit to them for that. And personally I'm very pleased with this news

awi59511271d ago

It got removed because of fraud also they were charging for mods on games they didnt own. Also people pulled mods off the mods sites that they didnt make and put them up for sale. Totalbiscutt has a whole video up on it on youtube.

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RmanX10001272d ago

Jesus christ that was quick.

Raider691272d ago

It should never happen in the first place!Consumers united!

shade5491272d ago

Not as quick as you Sonic.

RmanX10001272d ago

This guy over here thinks he pulled... a fast one.
(Pun entirely intended I regret nothing.)

Roccetarius1272d ago

It just goes to show that enough people on PC will fight things like this.

FullmetalRoyale1272d ago

Yeah, good on them. I respect the community getting that done.

ShottyGibs1272d ago

Gotta love the PC community. If only consoles owners had half a backbone with paying for online like the PC crowd.. Online would actually be free.

s45gr321272d ago

unfortunately console gamers do not have a backbone. They are too loyal to say corporations.

morganfell1272d ago

Back to the method that works - Nexus' Mods Donation feature.

Razputin1272d ago


Coming from a long line of PC gaming. Mods were made for the fun, passion, love, and sometimes general practice and educational purposes.

Pay for what used to -- and shall remain, free....

Release SDKs for your games and you'll see how amazing the PC modding community is, often time fixing issues lazy developers or defunct ones couldn't. And giving content way beyond something.

This having to pay for skins, maps, characters...etc... is ridiculous already.

Unreal and Quake engine allowed for some much ridiculous add-ons it was ridiculous. You can literally have 1000s of mods in some of these older games.

Skyrim is now 4 years old almost, single player only, and is still one of the most played games.

crazychris41241272d ago

Would be great if Steam allowed us to sort our workshop items by author so we know who our favorite modders are. Right now you have to go through every single item and see who the author is. I have 184 so its going to take me awhile to see who are the top modders for my games.

morganfell1272d ago

With this new pay system it would have gotten worse. Every idiot with a small wothless mod would have jumped in and you would have to wade through all the trash with a filter systyem that doesn't work past a certain point.

Jovanian 1272d ago

After all of this I think I will actually start donating to mods that I enjoy.

chippychan1272d ago

Yep. At least some good will come out of this. :)

Nio-Nai1272d ago

You mean how Nexus makes money off 3 advertisements per page, and then the subscription plan they have?

Why doesn't anyone mention this? Seriously they are making money off the modding community and no one seems to pitch a fit.

001272d ago

probably because they are making their own money instead of taking from modders, Just like N4G makes money from ads etc.

Nio-Nai1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

How are they making their own money? Without the modders they have no money, without the high flow of creators and users they have no one to click the ads, or to pay them for a subscription to remove the ads and download cap.

Neither of which valve did, they have no download cap, and they don't force ads onto you as the user..As well before the community pitched a fit, the NMM had ads in it too.

I find this to be a pretty hard double standard the community refuses to acknowledge.

kythlyn1272d ago

Nexus needs to make $500,000 a year to break even.


Christopher1272d ago

They host the files, provide the site, create methods of communication and updates, provide a single source for modders in general, and don't take money away from modders.

They are providing a service and get paid to do it through ad revenue. None of that affects the modding community nor limits them or puts restrictions on how people can access content on their site. Without Nexus, modders would be distributing content on their own sites and would limit their visibility, ability to work together, increase the chance of potentially unsafe content being made/distributed, and more.

Nio-Nai1272d ago

Valve hosts the mods, provides a way to download the mods, advertise them via it's system. does not have ads, does not have a subscription plan. so they only way they could make money is by taking part of that as a fee, no different then a hosting cost.

Nice double standard.

Christopher1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

***Valve hosts the mods, provides a way to download the mods, advertise them via it's system. does not have ads, does not have a subscription plan. so they only way they could make money is by taking part of that as a fee, no different then a hosting cost. ***

Why take a fee when a cost is not required? Valve suddenly needs 75% of the cost of a mod when the modder wants to sell it, but doesn't need any money at all when it's free?

The whole point of the steam workshop was to encourage more people to buy games on Steam, increasing Valve's profits. It's a service they provide and the cost is already accounted for in their current sales. The cost of bandwidth isn't suddenly rising dramatically due to mods. If they were, we would have seen that reflected ages ago in the price of games alone.

***Nice double standard.***

At no time does Nexus Mods require anything from you or ask any modders to pony up a portion of any cash they get to pay for their services. They offer a service you can use or not use as well as a paid version to remove ads and obtain priority downloading.

Steam uses a service that requires you to own the game through Steam and to be logged into Steam to access all content. Steam makes its money by selling video games with DRM. Steam creates the workshop and similar tools to encourage more people to buy from them.

I'm not seeing any double standard here at all. At no time has Nexus Mods ever required modders to put their mods there nor have their said that if they do that anyone who makes money off of them has to give them some of it.

Rachel_Alucard1272d ago

Just ignore Nio-Nai and Fireseed

I've seen them in every article related to the paid mods constantly bashing anyone with short-sighted logic and refusal to see the biggest implications of paid mods. No it all comes down to the "THOSE CREATORS DESERVE MONEY FOR THEIR WORK AND YOU CAN'T TELL THEM HOW MUCH THEIR WORK IS VALUED" statement, even though this statement has fallacies in it and is not even the reason people are against it.

Hell, even the announcement from Steam itself said they had no idea what they were doing and bethesda agreed as well.

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