The 4 ways Heroes of the Storm won over a MOBA hater

Gamespresso- Since starting my time with the Heroes of the Storm beta I have found myself jumping back in again and again, day after day, playing ‘just one last game’ more times than I care to count. I am the furthest thing from a die-hard MOBA player, but from that point of view, here are the reasons Heroes of the Storm just seems to work for me the way other MOBAs, like League of Legends, just never did.

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Jackhass1270d ago

Hmmm, maybe I should give this one a try.

ATi_Elite1270d ago

MoBA Hater? Seriously do you those even exist? I mean with the record smashing amount of gamers playing mobas I thought moba hater was the person usually seen riding the mystical rainbow colored unicorn.

Vlaitor1270d ago

The objective based, comon xp, no last hit gold, no shop and team fights really got me over dota and lol. It's a love or hate relationship but I have to agree that everyone should give it a try.

Takwin1270d ago

I've tried it more than once but simply do not like MOBAs. But I also strongly dislike FPS. And I'm no fan of fighting or racing games. I thought it was a slick game and typical of the high standards and addictive nature of Blizz games. I did okay WoW for 6 years and love Hearthstone to death.

I love RPG, turn-based strategy, action-adventure, and point-and-click story games. There are more than enough games to only play "8" and up games even if you game every day of your life like I do.