Keep Your Eyes On “Overwatch”

"From mystical archers to spider-like snipers, to angry gorillas and the most adorable time-traveling Cockney gal you’ve seen in gaming. The sheer diversity of the cast of characters you can play is unforgettable." Tom Andre of Play Legit Writes

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masterfox1268d ago

I'm freaking sick of this Multiplayer only games, pull yourself together game developers and go back to make complete games you damn lazy fats!!!!

Conkerkid111268d ago

They're lazy for not making a game that appeals to you in particular?

thorstein1268d ago

Yes. And while their at it, please send someone to my house to play the game for me. I am far too entitled to actually have to lift a controller and play it.

gangsta_red1268d ago

Making a multiplayer focus game that requires balance, strategic multiple maps, constant updates, full QA, sound, art, engineering development is now considered being lazy and not complete?


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1268d ago
WizzroSupreme1268d ago

I will! My eyes are peeled!

NiteX1268d ago

Very curious to see what a Blizzard FPS is like.